Clitoral Vibrators

There are oodles of reasons to invest in a clit vibrator. For one thing, around 70% of vagina-havers need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Penetration doesn’t always get the job done, so you may need a little enhancement. A vibrating toy might be the perfect toy to take you over the edge. Our selection includes clitoral massagers of all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find a vibe that vibes with you.

  • The Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Bullet Vibe is small and powerful Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Bullet Vibes - Black, Pink and Blue

    Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Bullet Vibes


    Hare Yes! Just starting out your sex toy collection? Our Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Bullet Vibes are designed to be more of what you want, and less of things you don't. Buzzy, discreet, and totally portable? CHECK. Messy cords, controllers, and wasteful...
  • Le Wand Double Vibe with rabbit ears- dark cherry the Le Wand Double Vibe offers sensational dual stimulation

    Le Wand Double Vibe

    Le Wand

    Too Legit To Quit (Your CLIT.) Our Le Wand Double Vibe isn't just made with amazing quality - it’s an epiphany, wrapped in an orgasm, topped off with the cutest set of rabbit ears around! If you find it hard or impossible to climax through...
  • Hot Octopuss Digit Finger Vibe The Hot Octopuss Digit Finger Vibe fits like a piece of jewelry

    Hot Octopuss Digit Finger Vibe

    Hot Octopuss

    DIG-IT! Have you ever trembled at someone's touch? Take that power into your OWN hands with our Hot Octopuss Digit Finger Vibe. This versatile finger vibrator will enhance the way you masturbate and take sex and foreplay to new levels. Designed to make...
  • Dorcel Wanderful Rechargeable Vibrator - Black Dorcel Wanderful Rechargeable Vibrator - Pink

    Dorcel Wanderful Rechargeable Vibrator

    Marc Dorcel Sex Toys

    It "Gets" Your Clit! Looking for a pleasure partner that can pass the clit test? Introducing the Dorcel Wanderful Rechargeable Vibrator. A bit smaller and more lightweight than the average wand, Vibrophiles will love Wanderful's strong, rumbly motor that...
  • Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Vibrators at Satisfyer Wand-er Woman - Purple

    Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Vibe


    Your Magic Weapon. Ready to seize your pleasure power? You'll own your O's with the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Vibe. We know a great wand-style vibrator is the cornerstone of any notable sex toy collection, but this powerhouse goes above and...
  • Black INYA Sonnet Clit and G-Spot vibrator with superior suction INYA Sonnet Clit + G-Spot Stimulator - Aqua Blue

    INYA Sonnet Clit + G-Spot Stimulator

    NS Novelties

    Sensation In Stereo. Need something STRONG? While most adult toys zero in just on one sweet spot at a time, Our INYA Sonnet Clit + G-Spot Stimulator joins forces with two dynamic motors to fire up the ultimate blended orgasm. With Sonnet, you'll get...
  • Mypod Vibrating Massager with Carrying Case - White Cal Exotics MyPod Bullet With UV Sanitizing Case - White

    MyPod Bullet With UV Sanitizing Case

    California Exotics

    $89.99 - $135.00
    Clean Power + Smart Pleasure When you picture your perfect vibe, what comes to mind? If you're imagining something small and contemporary, yet incredibly STRONG, it might look a lot like our MyPod Bullet With UV Sanitizing Case. This innovative,...
    $89.99 - $135.00
  • Evolved Oral Sex Toy - Lickety Slit Evolved Lickity Slit Oral Massager

    Evolved Lickity Slit Oral Massager

    Evolved Novelties

    Ladies, What do we want? ORAL SEX! When do we want it? NOW!!! Created for the most demanding cliterati, our Evolved Lickity Slit Oral Massager is a cunning linguist with 7 powerful speeds and functions. The recessed oval shape cups your sweet spot while...
  • BodyWand Mini Aqua Wand - Purple BodyWand Mini Aqua Wand - Black

    BodyWand Mini Aqua Wand - USB Rechargeable


    Spectacular Performance In A Portable Size.  3 Things EVERY woman needs: Self confidence, a friend you can always depend on, and a GREAT VIBRATOR! Cordless, powerful and waterproof for use in all environments, our BodyWand Mini Aqua Wand - USB...
  • Voodoo Halo Wireless Wand - Pink Pink Voodoo Halo Wireless Wand - High-Power Vibration

    Voodoo Halo 10X Wireless Wand

    Voodoo Toys

    "I Put a Spell On You!" Greetings, I'm the Voodoo Halo 10X Wireless Wand! You may have heard about my cult following, but don't worry - If you're like many women that can only orgasm from lots of external stimulation you'll LOVE the voodoo that I do...
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Touch Vibrator for clitoral stimulation The Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Touch Vibrator comes with an elegant storage bag

    Fifty Shades of Grey "Sweet Touch" Mini Clit Vibrator

    Fifty Shades of Grey

    "It’s the sweetest, strangest, hedonistic feeling.…when it hits my clitoris" -Anastasia Steele While you may not have the luxury of Christian Grey's deft fingertips at your command, we may have something even better! Our Fifty Shades of Grey...
  • Pipedream Wanachi Maxi Vibrator - Black, Pink, Purple Pink Pipedream Wanachi Maxi Vibrator

    Pipedream Wanachi Maxi Vibrator


    Power, Thy name is Wanachi! Waiting for an affordable power player? The wait is over - Our beloved Pipedream Wanachi Maxi Vibrator is designed to transport your clit to a higher plane through deep, resonating vibrations. Modestly-priced Maxi may not be...

Stimulation for Everyone

Clit vibrators are versatile. There’s something for every pleasure center. You may like powerful vibrations or gentle pulses. Maybe you want something discreet that’s tiny enough to tuck away or a vibe that’s large and in charge. Whatever the case, you’ll find it here.

Our clitoral vibes are on another level. Look for a vibe with its own sanitizing case, ensuring that clean-up is always quick and easy. Speaking of easy, what’s easier than using an app? Pleasure yourself in the most high-tech way with an app-controlled massager, or even let someone else take charge! Ditch traditional batteries by opting for a rechargeable vibrator. 

Something More

Fancy some penetration to go with your clitoral stimulation? There’s not a thing wrong with wanting a bit of both. All you have to do is browse around for a clitoral massager that offers penetrative power and a clit-tickling punch. Think about a rabbit-style vibe. Get the best of both worlds and treat yourself to the kind of toe-curling orgasm that you can feel hours later.

There’s nothing like a clit vibrator to make you lose your breath and see stars. Titillate your senses with a clitoral stimulator from Tabutoys!