Clitoral Vibrators

There are oodles of reasons to invest in a clit vibrator. For one thing, around 70% of vagina-havers need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Penetration doesn’t always get the job done, so you may need a little enhancement. A vibrating toy might be the perfect toy to take you over the edge. Our selection includes clitoral massagers of all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find a vibe that vibes with you.

  • iQuiver 7 Piece Red Velvet Vibrator Kit iVibe iQuiver 7 Piece Set - Red Velvet

    iQuiver 7 Piece Red Velvet Vibrator Kit

    Doc Johnson

    The possibilities are endless.. Our iQuiver 7 Piece Red Velvet Vibrator Kit will turn your solo or partnered erotic sessions into something to be reckoned with! You'll enjoy one powerfully petite vibrator with 6 interchangeable heads, each curated to...
  • Original Pocket Rocket Vibrator - Black Or White White Pocket Rocket Massager

    Original Pocket Rocket Mini Massager

    Doc Johnson

    The most popular vibrator ever made! We hate to resort to peer-pressure but everyone has the Original Pocket Rocket Mini Massager, so why don't you? Loved by Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Bustle Magazine, PR's compact, purse-friendly size and discreet sound...

Stimulation for Everyone

Clit vibrators are versatile. There’s something for every pleasure center. You may like powerful vibrations or gentle pulses. Maybe you want something discreet that’s tiny enough to tuck away or a vibe that’s large and in charge. Whatever the case, you’ll find it here.

Our clitoral vibes are on another level. Look for a vibe with its own sanitizing case, ensuring that clean-up is always quick and easy. Speaking of easy, what’s easier than using an app? Pleasure yourself in the most high-tech way with an app-controlled massager, or even let someone else take charge! Ditch traditional batteries by opting for a rechargeable vibrator. 

Something More

Fancy some penetration to go with your clitoral stimulation? There’s not a thing wrong with wanting a bit of both. All you have to do is browse around for a clitoral massager that offers penetrative power and a clit-tickling punch. Think about a rabbit-style vibe. Get the best of both worlds and treat yourself to the kind of toe-curling orgasm that you can feel hours later.

There’s nothing like a clit vibrator to make you lose your breath and see stars. Titillate your senses with a clitoral stimulator from Tabutoys!