Double-Headed Dildos

Double-Headed Dildos

Double the pleasure, double the fun. Experience sensations that will blow your mind with Tabutoys’ selection of two headed dildos. Don’t miss out on innovative ways to reach climax and take your relationship to new sensual heights. Our 2 headed dildos are twice as likely to hit the spot. Share everything with your partner. These dildos are perfect for taking your partner play to the next level. Enjoy these bad boys that come equipped with two usable heads in all kinds of ways… ass to ass, vag to vag, or ass to vag. Never stop exploring your kink!

(We know it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but remember to enjoy your toys safely — if the same head is being used in different orifices it’s super important to take a sec to change the condom. Not being safe isn’t sexy, friends.)

  • Luv Pink Dual Motor Double Dildo - Lesbian Sex Toys Luv Pink Dual Motor Double Dildo

    Luv Pink Dual Motor Double Dildo


    At Your Cervix! Introducing the Luv Pink Dual Motor Double Dildo. With powerful vibrations and over 16 inches of textured shaft, use your imagination to find all the sexy pleasure zones this lengthy toy can reach. Whether you're using it to gear up for...

Our two headed dildos aren’t just for partner play. If you’re the adventurous solo artist, these body safe sex toys are right up your freak alley. Fold your toy in half and use your new dildo to enjoy double penetration! Discover your wild side and find out what gets you off.

If you’re a new player in the two headed dildo game, be patient! It takes a bit of getting used to, but we promise, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be experiencing ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Tabutoys delivers on everything you need when it comes to optimizing your sex life. We prioritize discretion and take your privacy seriously. Tabutoys isn’t only here to source you with high-quality adult toys. We have information available to help you discover how to maximize your sex life and stay safe while doing it

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