Gender Expression Toys

Gender Expression Toys

Feeling comfortable in your skin and your identity is paramount. To help you explore your gender identity, Tabutoys offers MTF and FTM sex toys, along with accessories for gender expression. Not only can you find trans sex toys that are designed with gender non-conforming, non-binary, and trans bodies in mind, but we also have items that can help you to present your identity to the world. Our aim is to ensure that you are comfortable in, and with, your body. Whether you want to try out an FTM strap-on to hold your packer or a stimulating sex toy for trans fem individuals, Tabutoys offers an array of inclusive items that go beyond the binary.

  • Buck Angel's T-Lube is a water-based lubricant for Trans Men Buck Angel's T-Lube - 4.2 oz

    Buck Angel's T-Lube - 4.2 oz

    Sliquid Natural Lube

    High T leaving you high and dry?  Buck Angel's T-Lube is a water-based lubricant, which was created specifically for trans men as a response to Buck's own experiences. Perfect for testosterone therapy-related atrophy and periodic dryness, T-Lube...
  • Packer Gear Boxer Harness from Cal Exotics Packer Gear Boxer Harness

    Packer Gear Boxer Harness

    California Exotics

    Gear Up! Looking for high-quality FTM gear at an affordable price? Our Packer Gear Collection makes products that help you feel more like you. And, if you've graduated past your "packing with a sock" days, it's high time for some real packing...

Sex Toys for Everybody – and Every Body

Tickle your fancy and discover what makes your nerve-endings sing with MTF and FTM sex toys. We know that most sex toys are designed for cisgender bodies. We want to change that. Our selection of trans-friendly toys has something for everybody. Experience refreshingly new types of friction with innovative masturbators for trans fem people. Consider a sleek stroker made for trans masculine bodies. We offer traditional dildos with a twist, along with plugs and vibrating dildos that really shoot.

Accessorizing Your Authentic Self

Along with trans sex toys, we have a variety of accessories and extras that can help you embrace yourself openly and proudly. Pronoun pins, for example, show off your pride in yourself while informing others of your pronouns.

To feel more like yourself, experiment with different packers. Uncover the size, shape, heft, and girth that feel right. We have FTM strap-ons to hold your packer safely, as well.

Be who you are because who you are is beautiful. Explore your sexuality with MTF and FTM sex toys and accessories from Tabutoys.