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Glass Adult Toys

While these hand-blown glass dildos will maximize your pleasure and spice up your sex life, they also double as stunning works of art. Our glass adult toys are fully recyclable, eco-friendly, 100% body-safe, and made of shatterproof Borosilicate glass. This material can endure greater fluctuations in temperature than normal glass without cracking or breaking, making for amazing thermal play. Shop a variety of unique options ranging from the Gläs Toys Curved Glass Beaded Dildo to the Sinclaire Institute Onyx Glass Prostate Wand, or the Icicles #38 Hand Blown Glass Dildo with Leather Flogger for our kinkier friends.

  • Pink Glass Rippled Dildo Icicles Pink Ridges #28 Hand Blown Glass Dildo

    Icicles Pink Ridges #28 Hand Blown Glass Dildo


    Get Ready for a Thrill Ride! Nothing combines beauty and function like a perfectly crafted glass sex toy! Unlike regular glass (that can shatter) these super-hard, super-durable toys are made of strong borosilicate glass–the same type...

There are so many benefits to glass adult toys, including their durability and smooth surface, allowing for easy cleaning and sterilization between uses. Designed to last a lifetime, these dildos will look just as great years down the road as they did the day they arrived. We have something for everyone, whether you’re just getting comfortable with your body or looking to push boundaries and make memories. Explore your fantasies with a Fifty Shades "Drive Me Crazy" Glass Dildo, embrace your sexuality with a Spartacus Blown Realistic Glass Dildo, and find your kink with the Gläs Toys Galileo Glass Plug. Feeling extra adventurous? Try finding your favorite pressure point with the Icicles Flower Inlay #18 Hand Blown Glass G-Spot Dildo.

All our glass adult toys are 100% body-safe, shatterproof, and thermal adaptive. Our shop was curated by knowledgeable professionals, and only includes the highest-quality products designed by experts you can trust. We offer confidential ordering and always use discreet shipping to protect your privacy while providing excellent customer service and fast response times to answer any questions you might have. Look no further than our shop for the best vibes, butt plugs, and other erotic glass toys on the market.