Luxury Sex Toys

Luxury Sex Toys

In the adult toy world, there are vibrators, and then there are luxury vibrators. We try our best not to discriminate, but it’s the difference between driving a Craigslist-find sdan or a brand new Tesla. At Tabutoys, we sell luxury sex toys with the capacity to take your climax to dimensions you can’t fully fathom without experiencing them for yourself. Treat yourself to the sophisticated and otherworldly pleasure of a luxury male or female sex toy today.

  • Dame Aer Clit Suction Toy Dame Toys Aer

    Dame Toys Aer

    Dame Toys

    Catch Some Aer! When it comes to the female orgasm, oral sex tends to be one of the easier ways to make it happen. If you happen to be a pro-oral gal (and who isn't?) our Dame Toys Aer is the golden ticket to getting off! Aer mimics the flutter of a...

Invest in Yourself

Consider this an investment in your sexual happiness. We could all stand to prosper more fully in this area. Our assortment of luxury sex toys is sourced from the industry’s best brands and designed from body-safe materials. Gone are the days of sacrificing style for functionality. These luxury vibrators and other toys are made with the sleekest, most innovative functions we guarantee will supply you with an earth-shattering (in the best way) orgasm.

You’re worth the splurge. Our luxury anal toys, vibrators, and male toys are the easiest way to facilitate a powerful climax and lasting sexual satisfaction. The latest technology has been applied to these pleasure-makers, and we highly suggest you stay up on the trends. Trust us, they made it to the market for good reason.

Tabutoys wants to optimize your sex life while providing a safe place for you to express your naughtiest needs. We embrace the solo artist as much as we welcome the customer shopping to improve sex play with their partner(s). We support your kink, whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned sexpert.

Good Vibes All Around

Your customer experience is important to us. We want you to feel encouraged to reach out to our team if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of our luxury sex toys. Thanks for stopping by, and we wish you all the good vibes!