Penis Extensions

Penis Extensions

Want to try on the best experience of your life for the evening? Tabutoys offers strap on penis extensions that will positively alter your sex life whenever you feel the need. Satisfy you and your partner’s desire for a bigger penis and watch as your sex life suddenly grows wings.

  • Soft Hollow Strap-On Cock for Men - White Soft Hollow Strap-On Cock from Adam & Eve

    Soft Hollow Strap-On Cock for Men

    Adam & Eve

    Your Stand-Up Guy. When you need to make a firm impression, our Soft Hollow Strap-On Cock for Men will provide you with instant backup. Perfect for guys who are new to the strap-on game, just slide the straps around your waist, slip it directly over your...
  • Sportsheets Everlaster Stud Harness Set for Men - White Sportsheets Everlaster Stud Harness Set for Men - Hollow Strap-On for E.D

    Sportsheets Everlaster Stud Harness Set for Men


    Get Back In Gear. When the will is there but the erection isn't, our Sportsheets Everlaster Stud Harness Set for Men makes penetration possible within minutes. Perfect for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, this isn't just another...

Permanent penile enlargement can be put to bed thanks to our selection of strap-on penises for men. Browse Tabutoys’ penis add ons and don’t bother with unnecessary, surgical solutions to change your penis. The strap-on penis extension is much less scary and will instantly enhance your length, girth, and overall prowess!

We have a wide variety of high-quality strap-on penis extensions for you to choose from, coming in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so you decide how you want to ride tonight. We offer penis add ons from realistic to outrageous — you pick your flavor and find your perfect match today.

Easily worn like a sleeve over your penis, Tabutoys offers penis extensions that will offer more intense sensations to your partner while simultaneously reducing penile sensitivity if you’re dealing with premature ejaculation. Struggling with ED? This could be a solution for you.

Take back control of your sex life, (or just switch it up a bit!), with help from Tabutoys. If you have questions about which models will work best for you, feel free to reach out to our friendly and informed staff. We’re always delighted to assist in facilitating a better sex life for our customers.