Sex Machines

Sex Machines

Looking for a tireless “lover” that will never let you down? Browse the sex machines for sale at Tabutoys. Can a sex machine replace a hot-blooded lover? Well, maybe... It’s ideal for those nights when you’re all alone and it’s been a ride-it-out kinda day. Or when you’re not all alone. We’re sure you have inventive ways to use it with your partner. What more reason do you need to buy a fucking machine ASAP? Bring your sex life into the future with an adult sex machine that can satisfy your craving for a night of merciless pounding.

  • Vedo Hummer 2.0 The ULTIMATE suction BJ machine: The Vedo Hummer 2.0

    VeDO Hummer Oral Masturbator for Men

    VeDO Toys

    $249.99 - $349.99
    “Even the worst blow job is better than, say, sniffing the best rose ... watching the greatest sunset..” ― Chuck Palahniuk Since the quest for fire or the invention of the wheel, mankind has been on an epic search for the ultimate...
    $249.99 - $349.99

Save a Horse, Ride a Robot

Nothing compares to a night of passion with another human, but a night with a sex machine comes pretty close. Explore the sex machines for sale at Tabutoys to find a robo-FWB who can quench your thirst for balls-deep annihilation.

You can buy a fucking machine no matter what you like. Ride ‘em like a cowgirl – or a cowboy – with a deluxe model that resembles a saddle. Keep it simple with a machine that you can easily take anywhere, even if you want to relieve a little tension on vacation. Find sex machines that are ideal for couples to enjoy together, too.

Accessorize Always

Already have an adult sex machine? Look around for accessories that will go with the model you own. Experiment with a new dildo or shape the next time you play with your thrusting machine. Collect accessories that are perfect for vaginal penetration and toys that allow you to dive into your anal pleasure fantasies, too.

Upgrade your toy chest with a sex machine for sale from Tabutoys.