For Him

For Him

Welcome to Tabutoys. At this time, we would like to happily update your current perception of sex toys for men. We’re not talking about the cheap blow up dolls you got for your buddy’s bachelor party five years ago. With our help, you can do way better than that. Peruse our endless assortment of sex toys for him and find your kink today at Tabutoys.

  • Spartacus Latex-Free Nitrile Cock Rings - Blue Spartacus Latex-Free Nitrile Cock Rings

    Spartacus Latex-Free Nitrile Cock Rings

    Spartacus Leather

    Support You Can Trust. Cock Ring snapped again? Graduate from cheap stretchy rings to our Spartacus Latex-Free Nitrile Cock Rings. Safer than metal and more durable than jelly, this set is made of 100% skin-safe nitrile (the same material used in...
  • Screaming O RingO Rangler - Cannonball Screaming O RingO Rangler - Spur

    Screaming O Ranglers Cock Rings

    Screaming O

    How To Make a Good Thing Last! Out of all of the myriad sex toys for men, few are as cheap, simple and effective as a cock ring. If you're just getting started, these Screaming O Ranglers Cock Rings offer comfortable constriction at a beyond-bargain...

These days, sex toys for him are just as technologically advanced and innovative as the toys on the market designed to get ladies off. Suffice it to say, you’re shopping at a good time, boys. Tabutoys offers tons of adult men's sex toys, including cock rings, sleeves, pumps, strokers, and penis extensions, all offering various pleasurable sensations to the user.

Tabutoys encourages you to explore our online store and meet your sexual appetite halfway. Don’t be intimidated to try brand new things that will bring you otherworldly pleasure in this lifetime! And don’t hesitate. The time to get off in new ways is now! We have the sex toys for him, ideal for an optimized, solo masturbation sesh, or plenty of toys to bring into the bedroom with your partner/s. Discover what makes sex better.

Tabutoys cares about your safety. We responsibly source only the highest-quality products for your sexual enjoyment and pleasure. Give yourself the ride of your life with our impressive collection of sex toys for men. We cannot wait to facilitate your epic orgasm.

As always, feel free to reach out to Tabutoys if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. No question is stupid and we happen to know a thing or two about sex, so ask away. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to hear from you soon. Happy climaxing!