Whipsmart Try-Angle Sex Cushions

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  • Whipsmart Try-Angle Sex Cushions
  • Large Black Sex Wedge Positional Aid from Whipsmart
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More Traction = Better Action.

Stuck in a sexual rut? You don't have to run the gamut of contortionist positions or reinvent the sexual wheel. Our Whipsmart Try-Angle Sex Cushions amplify your favorite sexual positions, making them more comfortable, stimulating and FUN. Unlike most sex furniture and position aids that require lots of space and complicated installation, Try-Angles are simple in design but outrageously versatile. Just toss one on the bed, couch or floor and you're good to go! 

Available in two convenient sizes made with high-density foam interiors, Try-Angle's gradual slopes are designed to improve traction and help you achieve more mobility during intercourse. This makes them a must-have for people with disabilities, back pain, or just about anyone who wants more support during sex! And, if you and your partner have a significant height difference, you can combine both cushions at the same time to level the playing field.

Whipsmart Try-Angle Mini: Great for elevating the hips and butt, this small and portable cushion discreetly blends into your home decor when not in use and travels easily for pleasure anywhere you go.

Whipsmart Try-Angle Standard: This classic sex wedge offers full-body support, improved traction and a convenient triangular shape for comfortable positioning, including missionary, doggy and many others that you’ve fantasized about. 

Whipsmart Try-Angle Sex Cushions Key Features:

  • Designed to ease you you in your favorite couples sex positions more effortlessly, including missionary, doggy style and more.
  • Features soft microfiber cushion covers that are removable and machine washable.
  • High Density foam offers more support and durability - even during rough play. 
  • Both cushions feature cuff straps and include a pair of removable cuffs.
  • You can attach your own restraints and bondage gear to the D-Rings.
  • Whipsmart Mini Try-Angle Dimensions: 24" x 14".
  • Whipsmart Try-Angle Dimensions: 34" x 12".

Whipsmart Try-Angle Reviews:

"..the Whipsmart Mini Try-Angle Position Cushion is the perfect size to stow away in your closet or under your bed when it's not in use. When you decide to whip it out, feel free to get messy, because its machine-washable (and extremely comfortable) plush velvet cover has an inner polyester lining that guards the foam base against any liquids that come (or, rather,cum) its way." - "11 Sex Pillows, Cushions and Wedges For All Pleasure, No Pain", Allure Magazine

Xgen's Whipsmart is a unique and exciting brand that has reimagined bedroom accessories with a kinky edge. Their mission is to create an accessable collection with high quality materials and innovative designs that re-define your sexual experience. Designed for curious couples, enjoy incredible new erotic experiences with products that are sexy, affordable, and smart..as a whip!

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2 Reviews

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    Worth the money

    Posted by Cheryl on Feb 28th 2022

    This is my first of many purchases here. If you're looking for a toy to spice up your relationship then this is the one. We absolutely love this ramp. . I recommend this to anyone who's needing some excitement in the bedroom.

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    Great addition to the bedroom!

    Posted by ME4G on Jan 2nd 2022

    My husband and I have been curious about these cushions for a while. After a lot of review reading and comparison shopping, we just decided to throw caution to the wind and get the standard wedge. It's big, but I figured if it didn't work we could just use it as a TV pillow. Welp, I can tell you we have used it multiple times, but never once for watching TV! This pillow will raise your hips up just right whether you're face down or face up. And, it is soft and comfy holds a good amount of weight if you're worried about that like I was. This is definitely a favorite of ours now and will be staying near or on the bed going forward.

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