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Swipe RIGHT.

Feeling clean feels SO good, but toilet tissue is ineffective and bath towels don't exactly "spark joy." That's why pure and natural Swipes Soothing Love Wipes are just what you need for easy intimate cleansing. Unlike regular bathroom and hand sanitizing wipes, Eco-Friendly Swipes are specifically designed for use your sensitive places before AND after sex.

Gentle on you and the environment, Swipe's cleansing formula will wipe away those last traces of sweat, lubricant and body fluids, leaving behind the fresh scent of cucumber. Swipes are safe, mild, and completely free of harmful chemical ingredients that can irritate sensitive areas. And, they're great when you don't have time to shower.

Perfect for the car, gym and travel, stash a pack in your glove compartment or your carry-on bag when you're travelling.  Package contains 42 biodegradable wipes. Flushable, alcohol and chlorine free, eco-friendly, sewer and septic tank safe!

Swipes Lovin Wipes Key Features:

  • Swipes Lovin Wipes® are designed to keep you fresh, before and after intimate moments. 
  • No harsh chemicals & No drama - Just an all-natural wipe with a gentle touch for your most sensitive parts!
  • Made with only natural ingredients like pure water, aloe and vitamin E plus sustainable, non-woven fabrics.
  • Biodegradable and dispersible, making them safe for septic systems, sewers and even your backyard compost pile.

Swipes Inc.: A responsible, eco-friendly company owned by women, Swipes is dedicated to providing safe, natural wipes specifically designed for use before or after intimate moments. Swipes, Inc. is built upon a core belief in pure, natural ingredients and earth-friendly business practices.

Ingredients: Purified water, Phospholipid CDM (coconut oil derived mild skin cleanser), Butylene glycol, Polysorbate 20 (wetting agent), Cucumber, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe, skin conditioner and moisturizer), Glycerin Sodium citrate, Silver citrate, Citric acid, and Vitamin E Acetate.

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Additional Information

Safety Feature:
Alcohol Free
Cool Cucumber
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2 Reviews

  • 2
    You completely miss the point!!!!!

    I mean, these are nice and all but how can you call something disposable "eco friendly???? " HELLO?

  • 5
    These replaced our sex towel

    These are awesome.The wipes themselves are high quality and feel thicker and softer than the average butt wipe. They are also convenient to wipe sex toys off. You just have to be careful to seal the package completely every time you use it or the tissues can dry out, as we discovered. Will purchase again.

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