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VeDO Hummer Oral Masturbator for Men

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  • Vedo Hummer 2.0
  • The ULTIMATE suction BJ machine: The Vedo Hummer 2.0
  • VeDO Hummer Original Masturbator - Transform your BJ's!
  • VeDO Hummer Oral Masturbator for Men
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“Even the worst blow job is better than, say, sniffing the best rose ... watching the greatest sunset..” ― Chuck Palahniuk

Since the quest for fire or the invention of the wheel, mankind has been on an epic search for the ultimate technological breakthrough: The automated blowjob. Now that search is finally over. Evolution, meet the VeDO Hummer Oral Masturbator for Men. A new concept in male pleasure, this fully automatic and powerful suction masturbator is designed to satisfy your fellatio needs with up to 109 suction impulses per minute. And, while masturbation sleeves that advertise the "authentic BJ experience" are a dime a dozen, Hummer is a product that actually does the work. 

Not having to use your hands while you masturbate is pretty amazing. That's why the Hummer's clever design does all the heavy lifting for you. Imagine the possibilities! Whether you like it slow and easy or fast and furious, you determine the hummer you want. The soft, stretchy and glow-in-the dark feature of the inner sleeve with integrated pleasure ring gives all sleeves a run for their money. With our hand free technology, all you have to do is sit back, pick your perfect suction impulse with a touch of a button on the sleek remote – and you’re in business, my man!  

And, there are two different Hummer styles for your milking enjoyment. In the Hummer Original, you'll get a ball-draining introduction to suction with 5 intensity levels and 5 speeds - that's a mind-blowing 25 ways to have a perfect BJ! For serious pleasure-seekers, the Hummer 2.0, offers mind-blowing top speeds of 180 RPMs and 200 suction impulses per minute! 8 fully-automatic suction modes with 4 min sessions and unpredictable patterns will give you a completely random, realistic BJ every single time. And don't even get us started about the 6.5 inch deep textured sleeve - it vibrates on its own with a press of a button. 

Love edging? Both Hummer's are great for sexual stamina training with multiple power settings that allow you to tailor the intensity and focus on pleasure rather than the end goal of orgasm. Taking the scenic route – you’ll get there eventually, so just sit back and enjoy the pleasure ride. But who are we kidding? With a Hummer like this, go ahead and feel free to BLOW YOUR LOAD.

VeDO Hummer Automatic Suction Masturbator Key Features:

  • HUMMER ORIGINAL - One of the first (and best) hands-free milking machines for men, this automated stroker moves up and down your cock like an robotic mouth with 5 intensity levels, 5 speeds and 109 suction impulses per minutes. 
  • HUMMER 2.0 - The ultimate BJ MACHINE. With a mind blowing top speed of 180 RPMs and 200 suction impulses per minute - this hands free, sucking, stroking, BJ machine will leave you breathless and quite possibly speechless. 
  • Hummer's large, expandable chamber is suitable for all penis sizes. Cylinder Dimensions" Length - 9", Max Width - 3", Main unit: Length - 8.5", Width - 5".
  • Made body-safe from Phthalates-Free and Latex-Free Materials: Silicone/TPE/ABS.
  • Comes with a sleek remote control for easy operation. 
  • Backed by VeDo's 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

VeDo Hummer Reviews:

"No, it's not the latest VR-capable gaming console, but it sure runs like it. Operating at 180 suction impulses per minute, this machine has the power to replicate blowjobs and stroking with unparalleled stamina. It's variable, with ten vibration modes and six speed levels, and eight fully automatic modes can be implemented in unpredictable patterns to give the experience a sense of authenticity." - GQ Magazine, UK

VēDO focuses on the newest innovations when constructing their intimate lifestyle products.This brand designs elite eco-friendly and body-safe toys that are not only beautiful, but also help you achieve your ultimate sexual experience. Let your body vibe with VēDO.

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Male Masturbation
9 Inches
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Phthalates Free
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5 Reviews

  • 5

    Giving my hand a rest.

    Posted by Dingus on Feb 25th 2022

    After reading a lot of mixed reviews, I settled on the Hummer 2.0. It seemed pricey at the time but what else will suck the pleasure right out of you with minimal effort on your part?????? I couldn't wait to try it out right out of the box. First off, it is big and heavy. This is not a stealth machine. As for the sizing, I am slightly above average size but the cylinder fit me well. If you have a super skinny dick that doesn't fill up the chamber you will probably not like it. This toy has multiple power stroke settings - I have not tried them all because I have yet to make it past a 6 minute session.. Yes it is a little noisy but boy does it feel amazing. It is not 100% hands free, you will need to do some adjusting but it still does all the heavy lifting. Just make sure to add enough lube to get a good seal. Clean it after or it will get gross. The machine itself looks like good build quality, carrying case is nice. If I had the funds I'd buy a 2nd one just in case they discontinue it.

  • 5

    Brilliant concept.

    Posted by Gshock on Apr 23rd 2021

    I had a Fleshlight a few years ago but it never really did a lot for me but this seemed different enough to give it a "shot." This is the first item I've tried that actually works!

  • 2


    Posted by Josh on Mar 25th 2021

    Waste of money. Too loud.

  • 4

    Home entertainment

    Posted by CD on Nov 10th 2020

    This worked great for about a week and then suddenly shorted out, probably due to the connection between the base of the unit and the cord coming loose. Tabu replaced it without me having to go through the warrantee process with vedo which would have been a headache. Back into a new Hummer and this one works like a charm. I checked the cording on this one and there are no issues. FYI- it works better if you lube up the rim well so you can get a better seal. Cheers!

  • 5

    Throwing away my fleshlight

    Posted by 9Track on Jul 16th 2020

    First impression: its a big device. but unlike every other jack sleeve on the market this one actually sucks your dick. Ive gone 3 rounds with it and cant wait to cum again

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