Dame Toys "Pillo" Positional Pad

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  • Dame Toys "Pillo" Positional Pad
  • Sex Pillow wedge from Dame
  • Dame's "Pillo" Sex Wedge has grabbable handles
  • Dame's Pillo Sex Wedge comes with a water-resistant cover
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Pillows are made for sleeping. Pillo is made for fun.

Isn't it time to upgrade from regular, lumpy pillows that get flat, get too hot, and cost you an extra pillow for your head? Our Dame Toys "Pillo" Positional Pad is a soft-yet-firm, simple-yet-multifunctional piece of sex furniture with a firm foam core that's perfect for ALL kinds of play.

With its washable outer cover and inner liner, Pillo cleans up great and blends right into your bedroom. It looks and feels just like a regular pillow — just with a bit of an edge. Pillo's wedge style is perfect for supporting the hips and butt, but it's versatile enough to elevate a variety of your favorite sex positions, including: 

Missionary: Like it family style? No judgement here! Pillo aligns your hips for lower-back comfort when you're on your back. 

Modified Doggie: When you're laying on your stomach, Pillo raises your hips for deeper penetration.

Side Spoon: Put Pillo between your knees to protect your back and..valuables. 

Masturbation: Place a flat-backed vibrator like Satisfyer's Layon or We-Vibes's Touch on your Pillo and grind and hump to your heart's content!

Face Sitting: Need we say more?

Dame Toys "Pillo" Positional Pad Key Features:

  • Pillo enriches experimentation, elevates your favorite positions, and seamlessly blends into your bedroom at naptime.
  • Great for sleep-time AND sexy-time: Pillo’s 100% cotton shell and soft foam make it a fantastic pillow-pillow. 
  • Machine-washable Pillo offers a Water-Resistant Liner for those times you want to get wet and wild. 
  • Grabbable side handles make it easier to enjoy in any position. 
  • Dimensions: 15 inches L x 18 inches W x 7 inches H.

Dame Pillo Reviews:

"This wedge-shaped pillow is a must-have — seriously. It elevates tried-and-true sex positions, sure, but it also creates the opportunity for things that might not have been possible before. Plus, it's also just a great back pillow to use while working from home in bed." - Allure Magazine, "27 Sex-Positive Gift Ideas To Give Your Partner"

Dame Products: Pleasure for ALL. Created by sexologist Alexandra Fine and MIT engineer Janet Lieberman, Dame toys are research-based, easy to use and made for healthy play with reliable components and true medical grade silicone. Dame's continuing mission: To design well-engineered sex toys, to heighten intimacy, close the gendered pleasure gap, and to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind. 

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2 Reviews

  • 1
    Waste of my money

    They should state this is not for plus sized people! If you are over 275lbs it flattens out. Now Tabu won't let me return it so I'm stuck with an expensive pillow. THANKS FOR NOTHING

  • 4
    Very accessible

    I am a wheelchair user so I was interested in this cushion as a means to get more comfortable during sex. Shipping was discreet. The box I received was plainly packaged and said Kay Hill instead of Tabutoys which I appreciated. The pillow seems to be made of a high density foam which will not deform under the weight of your body unlike a regular pillow. I do wish they carried this in a wider variety of sizes but the narrow design is nice for straddling and it does make things simpler.

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