Traveling? Need a tactful little travel companion to tuck in your suitcase? Tabutoys’ line of discreet sex toys is tailor-made for people who like to take their sexy times on the road without causing a stir. Our travel-friendly sex toys are the secret agents of sex, never playing their hand. Even if your bag explodes on the luggage carousel, no one will point and yell, “Sex Toy!” Browse our discreet and packable toys made for people on the go.

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Get Smart With Travel Sex Toys

Some sex toys are loud and proud about their end-use. But when you’d rather customs agents sifting through your bag not clue in, undercover toys like the Palm Power Pocket Vibe are modestly concealed to protect your privacy. Or go “deep stealth” with the Lovense Exomoon Rechargeable Lipstick. It’s your color, darling. And only you’ll know why! But these travel toys aren't just for the ladies - Guys can take their stroke game on the go with discreet Masturbator Eggs

And what will you pack to elevate your naughty weekend getaway with your human travel companion? Sex toy kits for couples are travel-sized and ready for mobile action. And, for spontaneous moments of “quickie” glory, Kama Sutra’s Sex to Go Kits make a quick one ultra-convenient.

Travel is Supposed to Be Fun!

While you have every right to travel fully loaded, a customs agent waving your realistic dildo around the airport might not be what you’re going for. Get smart with discreet sex toys that keep your business private. And with Tabutoys’ hush-hush shipping policy, your order arrives looking unremarkable to the nosy.

Bring erotic fun along with our collection of travel-friendly sex toys because travel is supposed to be fun! Sex up your travel plans with cleverly disguised sex toys that keep you glowingly satisfied. Shop with discretion at Tabutoys!