Looking to get your freak on? We’ve been waiting for you. At Tabutoys, we concern ourselves with all things sex. You can think of us as your sexual sanctuary, a place you can come to build upon and express your deepest, hottest, and most playful desires without the risk of being judged.

Tabutoys invites you to pour your favorite cocktail, slip into something empowering and sexy, and browse our adult sex toys from the comfort of your own home. By no means do we believe shopping for extreme sex toys is something to be ashamed of (we own a sex shop, after all), but we’ve discovered some advantages to at-home browsing when it comes your pleasure. 

  • ER Nurse Hottie Roleplay Set ER Nurse Hottie Roleplay Set

    ER Nurse Hottie Roleplay Set

    Dreamgirl Lingerie

    No Scrubs! This ER Nurse Hottie Roleplay Set isn't standard medical dress code but it's the perfect prescription for role play! This semi-sheer zip-front dress comes complete with a tie-on nurse's...
  • At Your Service Dirty Maid Set - Sexy Costume Rene Rofe 6pc At Your Service Maid  Costume

    At Your Service Dirty Maid Set

    Rene Rofe Lingerie

    Maid You Look! Our At Your Service Dirty Maid Set may not be your standard issue uniform, but it cleans up in the fantasy fulfillment department! Costume includes a black triangle top with white lace...
  • Euphoria Plaid Sexy School Girl Set - Blue Euphoria Plaid Sexy School Girl Set

    Euphoria Plaid Sexy School Girl Set

    Escante Lingerie

    Too Cruel For School! Need a bratty new bedroom uniform? Our Euphoria Plaid Sexy School Girl Set scores an A+ in fantasy fetish fulfillment! Features include a cheeky blue plaid skirt with white...
  • Sweet Mary Jane 4-Piece Set - Cannabis Costume Sweet Mary Jane 4-Piece Set

    Sweet Mary Jane 4-Piece Set

    Rene Rofe Lingerie

    High There! Need to weed out your sexy costume collection? Rene Rofe's Sweet Mary Jane 4-Piece Set is just what you need to light up your late night look! Features include a triangle cup bra with pot...

We believe that shopping for adult sex toys online allows you to take your time and have confidence in your purchases. Now is the perfect time to explore the depths of your sexual imagination and push the boundaries on your hottest kinks and fantasies. 

Shopping for pleasure should feel like a full-on, comfortable exhale, (ideally followed by a  toe-curling orgasm) — a constant enjoyable  sensation where you’re given space to surprise even yourself with your freaky preferences of extreme sex toys and hardcore sex toys.  

New to the adult sex toys game and you want to take it a bit slower? We cater to both the newbie (it’s so hot that you’re venturing out of your comfort zone), and the seasoned sexpert who is looking to add to their impressive at-home arsenal of whips, chains, & anal beads.  

Luxury sex toys

Everyone is welcome here. Our mission is to make great sex happen in the lives of many through our delectable collection of adult sex toys. Don’t think for a minute that just because we operate our business online that our customer service takes a hit. Absolutely not. You, dear customer, remain our number one priority. We celebrate your climax and will do just about anything we can to help facilitate your sexual awakening. Always keep in mind that we encourage you to reach out to our friendly team whenever you have a question, comment, or concern. As self-proclaimed sexperts, we’re well versed on all topics in the sex genre. 

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