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"Fist It" Short Latex Gloves

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  • "Fist It" Short Latex Gloves - Black
  • "Fist It" Short Latex Gloves

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Glove At First Sight!

Gloves are essential for safe and fun fisting sessions, but the average disposable variety are flimsy, and prone to wrinkling and tearing. Made for specially for your favorite penetrating activities, our "Fist It" Short Latex Gloves are tight, ultra-durable and yet sensitive enough for a responsive, tuned-in fisting session.

If you love fisting, these gloves will make your life so much easier! Not only will they create a smoother entry and keep your hands smooth and spotless, most importantly they will keep your partner's sensitive anal tissue protected from fingernails and abrasions.

Lubing Up: You'll need to use copious amounts of lubricant during any vaginal or anal fisting session. Because latex is not compatible with oils, save the Crisco for your cookies and stick with silicone-based lubricants during playtime. 

Cleaning: With your gloves still on, gently rub the latex gloves under the tap with soap or dishwashing liquid to remove any debris. Thoroughly rinse the gloves after this process and then remove them from your hands. Allow to air dry away from other soft sex toys. 

Size: One size fits all. Material: Latex. 

Shots Toys is a carefully designed and developed brand, created by Shots Media. The goal was to let a happy, enjoyable and easy-on-the-eyes love set emerge in the middle of all the seriously intended dongs and vibrators. Let the fun join your love life!

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