Glitterati Bachelorette Drink & Dare Lotto

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A Whole Lotto Fun!

Trying to get the party started with the same old boring games? SCRATCH THAT. This Glitterati Bachelorette Drink & Dare Lotto is a guaranteed good time! Perfect for bringing along to restaurants and nightclubs, Drink & Dare contains 36 scratch-off tickets with commands that range from sexy, to risque, to totally fn ridiculous. The only question is - how blotto will your party guests go to win this lotto?

How to Play: Have the Bachelorette distribute one lotto ticket to each partygoer. Partygoers may then reveal their hidden tasks. Each dare is worth a predefined point value. Points are only awarded upon successful completion of the dare. Once a dare is complete, the player may request another lotto ticket from the Bachelorette. Should a player fail to complete the dare, the lotto ticket may be returned to the Bachelorette to distribute to another player. The player who accumulates the most points wins the game.

Drink & Dare Lotto Key Features:

  • Reveal your hidden dares, complete the tasks, and get rewarded with points!
  • Object: Accumulate points by completing the dares. 
  • Contains 36 Scratch off Lotto Tickets.

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