Plunging Pete Corona Strap & Urethral Sound

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  • Plunging Pete Corona Strap & Urethral Sound
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Electrosex + Urethral Play = PURE PLEASURE!

Feeling Flashy? Mystim’s Plunging Pete Corona Strap & Urethral Sound is a device that looks as good as it feels. Part glans toy, part design statement, Pete is designed for seasoned thrill-seekers only. While this 24K probe may have the appearance of a trendy fashion accessory, only this one knows how to make you tremble!

Pete tops off your tip with a metal sound that's flanked by 3 strategically placed balls. Everything is held neatly together by a silicone harness that's adjustable for the perfect fit. Wear it solo or connect it to your E-Stim Power Box to send shockwaves through your cock head! As for that fancy gold plating – it’s not just for show. The metal’s high degree of electrical conductivity will deliver that pulsating power right where you need it!

How much strain puts exactly how much pleasure to your glans? Find out by simply moving and fixating the golden contacts along the two slings (one looped around your glans – the other cocked over the tip of your penis) until you find your favorite position. Just be thankful Pete’s dilator has a diameter of only 4 mm (0,15 inches).

This allows you to insert it into your urethra with ease. Due to its length of only 35 mm (1.4 inches) only the very tip of your glans will be invaded by tingle and pulsation. Before we let Plunging Pete out to play, the probes and balls of each and every one are checked by hand before he gets all wrapped up in a neat black metal case - which also contains the matching electrode cable for our e-stim devices.

Important: To activate the poles, you will need to connect them to an electrical power device, like our Tension Lover, Pure Vibes or Cluster Buster.

Plunging Pete Corona Strap & Urethral Sound Key Features:

  • The tip isn’t the limit: Plunging Pete really takes Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to new extremes, sending tingly or jabbing sensations to the silicone arch spanning the tip of your penis. 
  • And because every corona is a little different, you can move the golden elements along the upper strap to those points where the stimulation feels best. 
  • Assisted by two flanking balls, this 24-carat gold coated dilator / urethral sound will tease your glans inside and out.
  • Body-Safe Design: Made from silicone that is free of Phthalates, BPA, and Latex.
  • Connected via Mystim plug and a 2 mm socket. (Cables included.)
  • Dimensions: Sound Length - 1.37". Max Diameter - 0.15".
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS.
  • Backed by Mystim's 12-month warranty.

Mystim: We'll make you tingle! Since 2005, we've been producing high-class devices for erotic electro-stimulation – and all kinds of toys to go along with. With our background in medical technology and a distinctive sense for good design, we have the know-how – and the ambition – to uphold the highest quality standards. That’s why we give you a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty on each and every one of our toys and devices.

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