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Rouge Stainless Steel Rosebud Sounding Set

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Real Pleasure Stems Deep!

Need a special delivery from FTD - AKA- "fill that dick?" This Rouge Stainless Steel Rosebud Sounding Set offers a bouquet that will take your breath away. Complete with 12 different graduated sounds, each polished stainless steel wand offers a distinctive rosebud tip for more thrilling piss-hole play. The firmness of the metal combined with the rounded tips will help you get past the curve in the shaft of the penis while creating an unmatched feeling!

How to use: Keep in mind, urethral sounding is an advanced type of sexual play that requires quite a bit of preparation and alot of patience! Use plenty of sterile lube. Start with a soft penis - Holding it at a 90 degree angle from your body, slowly slip the sound or plug in. Try to let gravity and the weight of the sound naturally pull the sound down into your penis. Once you have your sound or plug in place and you're comfortable, experiment with light gentle strokes on your penis.

Important Notes For Safe Play: NEVER force a sound inside. And, in case of any resistance or pain, stop and try a smaller sound. 

Oxy Shop Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit Key Features:

  • The Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit is a collection of medical grade steel urethral sounds. They are designed like rosebuds, to gently insert into the urethra and stretch it with time.Urethral masturbation massages the walls of the urethra, making it more sensitive. When the orgasm comes, it feels stronger as the tissue is extra sensitive. 
  • Creates intense feelings and unique sensations: If feels like nothing else. An orgasm from the inside out!
  • Each of these sounds is about 11-12 inches long, and their thickness varies from .04"/.1mm to 4.72"/120mm.
  • Made of durable medical-grade stainless steel that is free of Nickel, Phthalates or Latex.

Rouge Leather: Why settle for a simple sex toy when you can have a piece of art? Born in the UK, Rouge handcrafts flawless fetish products for men and women who aren't willing to compromise between BDSM style and cutting-edge design. Made from carefully selected materials, Rouge's hand crafted leather restraints, floggers and stainless steel adult toys will ensure a heightened sexual experience.

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