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Enhance Rechargeable Vulva Pump

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  • Enhance Rechargeable Vulva Pump for Clit or Nipples - Pink
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  • Enhance Rechargeable Vulva Pump
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When it comes to female arousal options, there's two particular areas deserve a lot of love: The Nipples and Clitoris. That's why Shot's Enhance Rechargeable Vulva Pump targets both with a bliss-inducing combo of licking action and vacuum suction. Does that sound a little like a Penis Pump? That's because it is, only this one is made just for you. This handy female-focused device can be used to pre-game sex and reach the finish line faster with your partner, or for super solo masturbation. 

Here's how it works: Similar to a male erection, female clitoral and breast tissue swells and expands, becoming more sensitive to touch as a natural response to sexual arousal. The Vulva Pump replicates this response by increasing blood flow to the desired region, subsequently making sex and masturbation feel even better. And, unlike standard penis pumps, this fully automated female arouser does all the hard work for you.

The set comes complete with 1 breast cup and 1 vulva cup. Just choose your "weapon", fit over your vulva or nipples, turn it on, and let those 5 suction modes and 8 licking modes take over! FYI: Take it easy! While it might be tempting to crank this pump all the way up, you’ll probably have a more enjoyable experience if you take it slow and bump up the intensity gradually.

Once you've reached your desired size and sensitivity level, you can gently remove the cup and admire your enhanced sweet spots! Not only will they be more fuller and more erect, but they'll also be more sensitive to touching, licking, stroking, and other cum-worthy activities. That means more arousal and ultimately, easier and more intense orgasms! Clearly, it is a great way to make foreplay, sex, and masturbation feel even MORE awesome, but with regular use, it can even help boost circulation for long-lasting sexual benefits.

So, whether you're gearing up for great sex with your partner, or masturbating in a hot solo session, there's almost no bedroom situation that this pump can't improve. For best results: ALWAYS partner your pump with a good quality hybrid or water-based lubricant. Some women like to trim or shave the pubic area around where the pump will sit to achieve a better seal.

You can also pair it with a clit-stimulating gel for maximum arousal. After play, remove the cup and clean with mild soap and warm water, or sex toy cleaner.

Enhance Rechargeable Vulva Pump Key Features:

  • This high quality pump uses quick and efficient vacuum suction to help firm up and increase the size of your breasts and vulva, along with their sensitivity, making this the perfect accessory for pre-bedroom preparation. 
  • The cups are designed with a silky smooth, comfortable silicone seal, that prevents air or moisture from entering. 
  • Use it no longer then 20 -30 minutes for both breasts and/or vulva, and only pump to a comfortable feel. (Don't overpump!)
  • Between playtimes, allow this USB rechargeable sex toy 2 hours to fully charge to enjoy 1 hour of unlimited play. 
  • Material: Made of bodysafe ABS + Silicone that is Phthalates, Latex, BPA free.
  • This kit contains 1 breast cup, 1 vulva cup and an F1-motor pump.
  • Backed by Shot's 1 Year Warranty.

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