Electrastim Electro Wartenberg Wheel

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  • ElectraStim Accessory - Single Uni-Polar Pinwheel
  • Electrastim Electro Wartenberg Wheel
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A Real Test Of Nerve!

Searching for a Top-Drawer Sensation Tool? Test your sub's mettle with our Electrastim Electro Wartenberg Wheel. Like most pinwheels, this one features a set of evenly-spaced radiating sharp pins that roll freely to create a variety of neurological responses. Will you be brutal or benevolent? When used with a light touch and trailed across the skin like a tickler, this sensory tool can be a great way to stimulate nerve endings without pain.

When applied with firm pressure, this toy delivers sharp and surprising prickles to sensitive areas - but that's not where the fun ends. You can connect this pinwheel to any Electrastim Power Box to transform it into an electrifying torture device! This will allow you to experiment with a shocking range of sensations during your play session - and most importantly - teach your sub the "electric slide."

Important: Please note that you will require a separate Electrastim Stimulator Unit (like the KIXFLUX, or Sensavox) to power up this device. As with all external electrodes, we recommend that you lubricate the wheel with conductive gel to enhance sensations. When playtime is over, unplug your Pinwheel and wipe down with alcohol. 

What's In The Box: (1) Single Electro Wartenberg Pinwheel, (1) Microfibre Storage bag, (1) Instruction Booklet (EN/FR/DE/NL/ES/IT).

Electrastim Electro Wartenberg Wheel Key Features:

  • The pinwheel tickles your lover’s skin as it glides across the surface, teasing their nerve endings to attention and leaving their response to touch heightened.
  • Our uni-polar pinwheel is the ideal electro sex toy to use alongside another electrode to maximise erotic effect.
  • Use it to awaken desire and expedite sexual response or incorporate it into your S&M exploration.
  • Number of Poles: 1 (unipolar) You will need an Electrastim stimulator (sold separately) with another unipolar accessory connected to feel the sensations described.
  • Dimensions: Length - 6.75 Inches, Spikes - 6mm, Weight - 105g, Connection - 2mm. 
  • Materials: Plated Brass contacts with acrylic handle. 

The Electrastim Electro Stimulation Difference: Ready to give Electro a go? You just need a gentle nudge and the right gear. At Electrastim, our specialist background in neuromuscular stimulation is the foundation of all of our products, making us unique in the field of erotic electro stimulation (or e-stim) as all our products are designed with pleasure in mind first and foremost.

Our high-quality electro sex toys carry the mandatory CE mark and are designed to give you a unique sexual experience that complements a range of erotic tastes. We use universal 2mm pin connections for all of our stimulation units and electrodes, so when you buy ElectraStim products you know you’re able to expand your collection without needing to buy new cables or components every time. You can also adapt any of our stimulators or toys for use with any electro-sex toys you already own from other manufacturers. That's the Electrastim Difference!
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