Mystim eStim Magic Gloves

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  • Mystim eStim Magic Gloves
  • e-stim gloves for electrosex fetish play
  • Mystim eStim Magic Gloves
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Ready to play around with alternative energy? Partner play is more than touch and go, but with our Mystim eStim Magic Gloves, it feels positively electric! These soft Bi-Polar Gloves are a handy way to apply electro-stimulation to either larger concentrated areas or smaller and out-of-reach erogenous zones.

Designed to ignite every slap, tickle, or soft caress - the electroplated fabric will send sexy currents right through your fingertips! And, because the sensations are more gentle and less direct than most e-stim toys, they are ideal for electrosex beginners. Just connect your gloves to any Mystim Power Unit and let the Magic Show begin!

How To Use Magic Gloves: First, make sure your Power Source is set on the lowest setting before you connect to the gloves. Put on the included vinyl gloves to isolate your hands from the conductive surfaces. Then, layer on the Magic Gloves while making sure that they do not overlap the vinyl and touch the skin. 

Touch the region you want to stimulate and only switch on the stimulation current when you can judge the intensity. But don't worry! The stimulation with the Magic Gloves is very gentle because the percentage of conductive material is much lower than for example with a similar toy made of aluminium.

What's In The Box: Contains (1) Pair of eStim Magic Gloves, (5) Pairs of Vinyl Gloves, (1) pair of adapter cables for 2 mm plug (socket) and push button (plug.) 

Mystim eStim Magic Gloves Key Features:

  • An excellent Electrosex beginner toy, these super-soft BI-Polar gloves will make every massage electrifying. 
  • The entire surface of each glove is conductive, making it easy to send tingling sensations wherever you desire. 
  • The enclosed powder-free vinyl gloves, which must be worn under the Magic Gloves, completely isolate your hands.
  • You will require an e-stim device - like the Mystim Tension Lover or the Mystim Pure Vibes - to activate the poles.
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual in 6 languages. (GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS).
  • Easy to clean with mild detergent in hand wash after use.
  • Backed by Mystim's 1 Year Warranty. 

Mystim: We'll make you tingle! Since 2005, we've been producing high class devices for erotic electro-stimulation – and all kinds of toys to go along with. With our background in medical technology and a distinctive sense for good design, we have the know-how – and the ambition – to uphold the highest quality standards. That’s why we give you a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty on each and every one of our toys and devices.

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