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Onyx Obsidian Pleasure Wands

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  • Le Wand Obsidian Pleasure Wands - Straight Toy - Black
  • Le Wand Obsidian Pleasure Wands - G-Spot Toy - Black
  • Onyx Obsidian Pleasure Wands
  • Onyx Obsidian Pleasure Wands
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Looking for something really special? In a sea of high-tech gadgets, Le Wand’s Onyx Obsidian Pleasure Wands have beauty, sustainability, and durability on their side. Sure, natural stone dildos may seem a little old-fashioned, but these were 20 million years in the making!

Stunning and eco-friendly as it gets, these Wands have been fashioned from semi-precious stone that’s hand-polished for maximum aesthetic appeal. And, while most sex toys have a limited lifespan, these could last another 20 million years with proper care. (Seriously, who needs diamonds?)

Black Obsidian: This glossy volcanic material makes a unique choice for erotic toys, featuring properties that are believed to dissolve negative energy and provide emotional and physical well-being. Obsidian has also been said to encourage self-discovery and personal exploration. When crafted into shudder-inducing shapes like these, we can certainly agree!

Obsidian  G-Wand: A beautifully crafted crystal wand designed for the ultimate G-spot stimulation. Curved to enter your body at the perfect angle, the Crystal G Wand's bulbous tip targets & hits the G-spot with incredible precision, while its lengthy shaft offers a delightful feeling of fullness.

Obsidian Straight Wand: Featuring a generous shaft that tapers down to a slimmer tip for effortless internal stimulation, the Le Wand Crystal Wand is a phenomenon that you can enjoy alone or with a partner. Use the Crystal Wand for relaxing massages over the body or to satisfy your sexual desires.

Versatility: While these minimalist Wands may not have moving/vibrating parts, the solid design and heavier weight will make the magic happen every time. Choose your desired wand and manifest one intense Vaginal, Anal, or G-Spot Orgasm! Display a wand proudly on your desk or get witchy with it and cast a spell! (Your wand, your rules!)

Quality:  Semi-precious stone makes these dildos exquisite works of art, meaning you’ll have no concerns about accidentally leaving one by your bedside. And, body-safe obsidian has "closed porosity", which makes it a non-toxic material for allergy-sensitive toy lovers.

Care: Your Crystal Wand is compatible will all lubricants, including Oil, Silicone, and Water-Based Formulas. After play, cleaning is a breeze - Just use warm water and mild soap! (While Obsidian is quite durable, take care to avoid chipping by dropping or banging it against hard surfaces.)

What’s In The Box:  Each Crystal Wand comes with a textured, stimulating silicone ring, a travel pouch, a care guide, and a hardcover guide to get you started.

Obsidian Crystal Pleasure Tools Key Features:

  • Nature made it, Le Wand perfected it: These gorgeous pleasure tools are made from sustainable, 100% natural obsidian.
  • Black obsidian is a stone of cleansing. It is said to ease your aura of disharmony, negative attachments, old patterns, and negative emotions.
  • All of the stones that are used in this collection are conflict-free and we have teams in place to make sure there is minimal environmental impact.
  • While most sex toys are destined for a landfill, these can last a lifetime. No batteries means NO electronic waste!
  • Bonus: Pair your Wand with the included silicone ring for added external pleasure and delightful dual stimulation.
  • Phthalates, BPA, and plastic-free, these eco-friendly toys pose exactly 0% risk to the environment in terms of toxicity.
  • Packaged in an elegant, reusable storage box, Crystal Wands are perfect for sexy gifting.
  • Straight Wand Dimensions:  7 inches x 1.54 inches. Weight- 366 grams.
  • Curved Wand Dimensions:  7 inches x 1.34 inches. Weight – 344 grams.

Le Wand is a woman-founded premium brand of personal intimate products that bring unparalleled quality to a notoriously sketchy industry. Le Wand originated as one hell of a classic wand (all the power you could want with an award-winning design to match) and has now become a full line of best-in-class, heart-pounding, hair-raising toys.

Designed with pleasure in mind for all bodies, Le Wand embraces and champions intimacy for all with powerful versatile pleasure tools that insist on bringing you to the next level. We’re proud to be people’s go-to for orgasms they can count on — over & over again.

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