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Curvy Carla Premium Brunette Doll

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  • Curvy Carla Premium Brunette Doll
  • Sexy Brunette C-Cup Sex Doll
  • Realistic sex doll with brown hair
  • Curvy Carla Premium Brunette Doll
  • Curvy Carla Premium Brunette Doll
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Finding the perfect woman really isn't so hard. Sexual Desire’s Premium Collection brings a bevy of beauties with the full-sized shape, weight, and feel of your ideal match! Not just an ass or a torso, these high-end dolls provide the authentic girlfriend experience with all the delectable details you crave: Soft, fleshy skin, realistic faces, moveable skeletons, right down to those pretty painted toes.

Feeling the chemistry? You'll always find your happy ending with our Curvy Carla Premium Brunette Doll. Delicate, exotic, and totally devastating, Carla has everything a woman needs to make your heart skip a beat. But who wouldn't fall in love with Carla's big almond eyes, silky black hair, and perfect figure? Standing proud at 5'2, Carla's added height and volume gives you a bit more bang for your buck than our standard sex dolls. 

And, while Carla is just plain gorgeous, she's also got substance too! With her super-strong stainless skeleton and posable limbs, it's up to you how you'd like her to create the ultimate sex session. Place her in all your favorite positions (missionary, doggie, and cowgirl) - or- bend her into any creative contortion you can imagine! With an ultra-tight pussy, ass, and mouth at your disposal, we dare you NOT to cum in less than 60 seconds!

After playtime, Carla can be a quiet companion or your late-night cuddle buddy. And, because she can stand, sit, and kneel, she can fit into a variety of casual scenarios. Dress her up in your favorite outfits, watch your favorite movies together, or let her spoon you to sleep! (She can even hold your remote.) She's not big on small talk, but she's all yours. She's the ultimate girlfriend, she's CARLA.

Carla doll kneeling

Important: Your Fantasy Doll is an investment in your pleasure and should be treated accordingly! Before play, Lube her up - it's Carla's best accessory. A Water-Based formula is not only your best bet for keeping the realistic material in pristine condition, but also ensures you get the most bang for your buck (literally). Oil-based and silicone lubricants can damage her TPR material so they should be avoided entirely.

After Play: Keep Carla clean with mild soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. Store her dry away from other soft sex toy materials when she's not in use. If her TPR material becomes sticky or tacky, a light dusting of cornstarch will make her feel as good as new. For extended storage, keep her lying flat in a relaxed position to avoid joint and material damage.

What’s In The Box: Carla The Sex Doll, one basic lingerie outfit, user manual, cleaning set, blanket, and handling gloves. *Clothing and accessories shown in the photos are for visual presentation only.

Please Note: For your privacy, each Love Doll comes in a discreet unmarked box with our corporate name (KH Limited) on the outside. Expedited delivery is not available for this product so please allow up to 7 business days for shipping. This product is non-returnable with no exceptions. 

Carla doll vagina

Curvy Carla Premium 5'2 Premium Brunette Doll Key Features:

  • Carla's long dark hair, pretty brown eyes, and and perfect C-Cup breasts make her an outstanding choice. 
  • With a height of 158 cm, Carla is taller and heavier than our standard love dolls, giving you the authentic girlfriend experience.
  • Carla features a full stainless skeleton allowing you to pose her in whatever position you please.
  • Not just an ass or a torso. This is a full size sex doll from head to toe.
  • Dimensions: Height - 60 Inches Tall (4’2”.) Weight – 100lbs.
  • Made of Body-safe TPR material: Phthalates/Latex Free.

SDD: You CAN Afford a Sex Doll!  When your personal needs surpass standard masturbation sleeves and cheap blow-up toys, our Sexual Desires Dolls are here to escort you to the next level of male pleasure. Everything you'd imagine in your perfect woman is here - no imagination or air pump needed! With soft, voluptuous bodies supported by super-strong stainless skeletons, our high-end sex dolls offer the realism you’ve been waiting for at a price you can afford.

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    Expensive but worth it for sure

    Posted by CapnCrunch on Apr 15th 2024

    I ordered this expecting it would deliver in about a month but it showed up in a week, which was nice. Just had my first go-round with "C" (I'm working on a new name) so here are my initial thoughts: #1. They got the coloring and look I like down pat. Love the facial features. If you're big on real skin feel she is very soft. Hips, lips, breasts..everything is jiggles and squishes like a real woman. #2. I'm glad I got the larger version because she is basically the perfect size for me but anything smaller would not seem like an "adult" and I'm not a perv. She's a bit heavier but the pressure feels good when you lay her on you or sit her in your lap. Just be prepared to do some lifting. #3. The metal skeleton is stiff so once you get her into position you will probably have to keep her there. Not good if you want to flip her into different positions on the fly. While you "could" make her stand, I wouldn't recommend it. I've read she will loosen up over time so *fingers crossed* #4. Best Positions: I have not tested her full range of movement yet but her legs can be spread enough so that you can put her in your lap for cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Doggie is GREAT. #4. Proportions: Face is very pretty, kissable mouth, breasts are REALLY nice, ass is good enough (I'm not into BBLs) but as a leg man I would say they blew it here. When I tried to put her in a pair of nylons but her legs were so skinny they barely hold them up. #5. Built in Pussy: Not much labia but penetration feels good as hell. Very tight ribbed canal, I can make it even tighter if I squeeze her legs together. Can't say anything as to the durability since I've only used her once. Wish they could have added a bit of pubic hair. Have not tried the anus yet but I gather it is just a tighter version of the vagina. #6. Extras: There are no extra accessories with this doll outside of a cheap outfit so make sure you have your own waterbased lube. I was forced to make a midnight run to the XXX store for some but you gotta do what you gotta do for love ;) If you don't use lube you could possibly tear your doll which would be an incredibly expensive mistake.

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