Burlesque La Vie Boheme Jewel Reusable Pasties

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  • Neva Nude Burlesque La Vie Boheme Jewel Reusable Pasties
  • Burlesque La Vie Boheme Jewel Reusable Pasties
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To being us for once, instead of them, La Vie Boheme!

If you're starving for attention but hating convention, these Burlesque La Vie Boheme Jewel Reusable Pasties are the very definition of BOHEMIAN GLAM! Our rhinestone encrusted nipknacks will doll up your doozies with style and panache! A thin reusable silicone backing that lets you raise your glass and shake that ass for up to 15 wears! (You can apply them with pastie glue when the adhesive eventually wears off.) 

Each box includes 2 reusable Burlesque Nipztix pasties. BNPs will accentuate your allure and give you a sexy, provocative look -  you'll be twirlin' your tatas like Lady Gaga! When treated with the utmost love, care, and respect, these silicone boobie sparkles can be worn many many times….they really are ALL THAT JAZZ! Grab a pair and get ready for the extravaganza! 

How to Use: 

  • Open the box and behold the glory that is your new pair of Neva Nude Burlesque La Vie Boheme Jewel Reusable Pasties! 
  • Pick an epic event or a sexy partner to wear them for
  • Peel off thin plastic film and DO NOT DISCARD! Stay classy, no trashy!  
  • Position Burlesque Nipztix over nipple and apply firmly to breast 
  • Spice up your cutest outfits, wear under mesh tops, or get your showgirl on! 
  • After your insanely awesome experience, remove and hand wash with warm water and MILD soap
  • Leave them until they are FULLY DRY, and then cover the sticky, icky part with the saved thin plastic film
  • Repeat steps 2-6 over for a really really ridiculous amount of wears, HOLLA!

Nipztix Pasties by NevaNude: We know you hate your bra, so ditch it and prepare to feel totally free when you don a set of our Nipztix nipple pasties! Made of waterproof swimsuit material in daringly bold colors, these nipple covers let you get nearly-bare while rockin’ your unique style. Whether you go with classic, cute, funky or downright weird, Nipztix have you covered for ANY occasion. 

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