Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath

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  • The Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath transforms your dick into one seriously meaty fucker!
  • OXBALLS DADDY has a rubbery sack modeled after our bestselling SACKSLING.
  • Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath - Clear
  • This clear Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath's Bullet insert lets you customize the fit and feel
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Need to deliver some firm dicksipline? Loosen up your belt for the Oxballs DADDY Cocksheath, an all-in-one cock ring, ball stretcher, and length extender designed to separate the boys from the men. DADDY'S hefty girth and 10 inch length will tame the strongest-willed size junkies. Plus, the genius design doesn't require a full erection to use, so you can still lay down the law even when your dick isn't up to the task. 

No need to worry about it slippin’ or slidin’ off as you pump n’ pound, the built-in sacksling will grip your goods with a fleshy material squishy enough to mold and stretch to the shape of your sack. Just slick it up inside and out, put your meat through the sheath, drop your balls inside, and Dad those hungry holes, HARD!

If you want a tighter fit or more suction grip, DADDY comes with a bullet shaped insert that is designed to “lock” into the hollow chamber to shorten the inner length. (If you want a really tight grip on your meat, lube it up and “burp” out any excess air by tightly squeezing the length of DADDY down to the base.) You'll be Dadding with the best of 'em!

For best results, lube it up inside and out with your favorite hybrid or water-based lubricant. Once you're done enjoying all it's got to offer, wash it off with warm water and antibacterial soap. Let it air dry completely, then store away from other soft sex toys.

Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath Key Features:

  • DADDY transforms your dick into one seriously meaty fucker! 
  • This new fleshy fuckstick-extender from OXBALLS is a thick, fleshy cock & ball sheath that’s designed to mold to your junk like a second skin.
  • DADDY has a rubbery sack modeled after our bestselling SACKSLING. The thick, squishy sack stretches to encase your balls for a pair of even beefier bull nuts…
  • Cocksheath design increases your natural girth and size to BIG DADDY dimensions. 
  • Gift it to your favorite DADDY (So Much better than a "World's Best Dad" Mug.)
  • Made from stretchy FLEXtpr that is safe, non-toxic and Phthalates-Free. 
  • Bullet insert lets you customize the fit and feel of the inner chamber.
  • Sheath Opening / Sacksling Circumference: 4.5 in / 3.5 in  
  • Sheath Overall Length / Usable Length: 10 in / 7.5 in 
  • Sheath/Inner Chamber Circumference: 6.5 in / 3.25 in 
  • Inner Chamber Length/Usable Length: 6.25 in / 5 in
  • Weight - 1 lb 2 oz.

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Need better HARDwear? OXBALLS has your Hook-Up! Founded in 2011, this hyper-masculine toy brand is pushing the boundaries of male pleasure. Luxury materials combined with GrindR-esque style and a dash of punk rock attitude define this innovative male collection. Upgrade your sex game and play harder with products that reflect that unmistakable Oxballs style!

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10 Inches
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    Should come with a shoe horn

    Posted by Linc on Jan 19th 2022

    I love and hate this thing. Let me explain: When I wear it my lady squirts like I'm Jason Momoa. She absafuckin loves the thing. So much for "size doesn't matter" and all that bs. Here's the issue: There's no instructions how to get it on. I dare you to try to stuff your balls in here in less than 3 minutes with a gun pointed at your head -aka- your wife laughing at you. You better bring some lube and patience for this one. Once you get it on it's smooth sailing.

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