Womanizer Duo 2 - Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator

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  • Womanizer Duo 2 -  Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator - Lilac - Petrol Green
  • Womanizer Duo 2 -  Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator
  • Womanizer Duo 2 -  Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator - Lilac
  • Womanizer Duo 2 -  Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator
  • Womanizer Duo 2 -  Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator
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Ready to scream your own name?

One sex toy can't be everything to everybody...unless it's the Womanizer Duo 2! The iconic brand that pioneered the touchless vibration revolution has now created one vibrator to rule them all with the all-singing, all-dancing climax machine of your dreams. With Duo, you'll experience everything you know, love about Womanizer's cult-status Classic 2, plus a brand-new capability that you're guaranteed to gush over: The perfect blend of internal and external stimulation.

This toy has twice the power! Not only does it feature the patented clitoral stimulator, but it is also equipped with the most powerful vibrator on the market to stimulate the G-Spot with absolute precision. With DUO 2 you can control the Pleasure Air™ clitoral stimulator and the G-spot vibrations individually for the most custom experience. The result? You can experience 2 completely different kind of orgasms (or the ultimate blended orgasm) with one highly sophisticated sex toy, in less time than you thought possible. 

Shhhh: DUO is also equipped with the innovative Smart Silence™ Technology. Womanizer Duo only starts when it first comes into contact with your skin and will turn off automatically when DUO is removed from the body. This way you can have the most discreet and pleasurable experience.

And, you'll never have to worry about potential offenders like Phthalates, Latex or skin irritation since Dup is made from the softest silicone with no Phthalates, Latex, or BPAs. With its IPX7 Waterproof design, you'll be able to take your toy from the bedroom to bathtub with no stress at all.​

All in One Fun - Everything you'll need to get started is included, including your Duo instruction booklet, USB charger and cable, 2 replaceable silicone stimulation heads, and a high-quality toy bag for discreet storage.

How to Use Your Duo - 2 differently sized clit attachments are included so you can get the perfect fit. When attached, place the silicone tip over your clitoris using light pressure to create an air-tight seal. Then, insert the lubricated probe into the vagina and use in a rocking motion to massage the G-spot. Enjoy the best of BOTH worlds!

Womanizer Duo Care: Partner your Womanizer with hybrid or water-based lubricants only. (Avoid silicone formulas.) After play, clean your Duo with mild soap and water or a good toy care formula. You should also remove the silicone head to clean after use. 

Womanizer Duo - Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator Key Features:

  • DU​O 2 is a unique premium rabbit sex toy – a Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator and powerful G-Spot dual vibrator combined to create advanced, blended orgasms.
  • Find your rhythm with 10 different vibration patterns, from the wave to the cha-cha or just pure, unbroken vibes. The inner arm of the toy is designed to send vibrations right to the G-spot.
  • Thanks to its dual stimulation, DUO 2 lets you feel more of what you love. Why choose between clitoral and G-spot stimulation? Enjoy both!​
  • 10 vibration patterns will let you find find the rhythm that moves you from within. 14 Intensity patterns let you level up from a gentle hum to deep rumbly vibration.
  • Afterglow - By briefly pressing the power button, DUO 2 will quickly revert to a lower setting for a relaxing end to an orgasm.
  • We know that everyone’s body is different and beautiful! For this reason, every box includes two sizes of stimulator heads to ensure that everyone can enjoy their Womanizer.
  • 100% Waterproof operation makes it easy to clean.Rechargeable lithium ion battery (via USB port).
  • Body Safe: Made of Phthalate and Latex free Silicone.
  • Backed by Womanizer's 2 year Product Warranty.
  • Dimensions: 88mm x 203mm x 58mm.
  • High-Quality Storage Bag.

Womanizer Duo Reviews:

"The updated Duo 2 has 14 different intensity levels that you can manually switch between, which is two more than the original model. The other newer feature is an Afterglow setting: After climax, one short press of the minus button will set the toy back to its lowest setting to ride out the end of your orgasm." - Nymag.com

“The Womanizer Duo? That workhorse has been one of my ride-or-die dildos for years. And as I started the brow-sweating triage of picking my top-tier nightstand toys, it continued to make the cut against even the swishest, most talked-about sex toys of the moment.”Vice Magazine

"Ever heard of a blended orgasm? Allow the Womanizer Duo to introduce you. The curved arm takes care of your G-spot while the other end pumps air onto your clitoris to mimic the feel of someone going down on you. " - Women's Health Magazine

"The Womanizer Duo has enjoyed much acclaim, and it deserves the attention. As the name suggests, the Duo is really two toys in one with a clitoris stimulator and an attached vibrator. Ergonomically shaped to tackle your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, the toy promises serious satisfaction." - Rolling Stone Magazine

Womanizer: Do it yourself, and do it more often. Born in Bavaria, Womanizer was conceived by a husband and wife team looking for a better solution for women who rarely orgasm due to a lack of proper clitoral stimulation. The couple set out to create a brand-new product that targeted the clit without the over-stimulation of a traditional vibrator, and in 2014, the Womanizer was born. Using innovative technology like patented Pleasure AirTM, the Womanizer made history as the world's first non-contact clitoral stimulator, heralding in a whole new era for women's pleasure products. And the rest is history! 

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Phthalates Free
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3 Reviews

  • 5

    This is just everything

    Posted by Pam H on May 8th 2021

    I have a zillion toys but this is on a different level. The only drawback to this is that it literally makes me cum too fast.

  • 5


    Posted by JERSEYSCREAMER on Dec 13th 2020


  • 5

    Kind of amazing

    Posted by TrailRunner on Sep 21st 2020

    Holy Smokes! This was the most I have ever spent on a sex toy but it was worth it. Everything about this thing screams quality from the packaging to the design. For some reason I also thought the unit would be hard plastic but the gspot arm is really flexible thank god. It did feel awkward figuring out how to operate all the patterns at first and it took some time getting used to the 6 buttons. You will definitely want to learn how the buttons work before jumping right in and having to stop what you're doing in mid session if you want to adjust the power settings. (There are so many power combinations I still dont know what half of them can do but I have definitely found some settings that work for me.) Once you do that it is smooth sailing and you will probably have the best blended orgasm of your life!

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