Dyke Sticker 3 Pack

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You Know I'm A DYKE, Right?

Whether you're a stud, soft butch, androgynous, or just a garden-variety Dyke, we want you to rock that BDE with pride! That's why this Dyke Sticker 3 Pack is the perfect way to add more BIG DYKE ENERGY to just about anything. Dyke the halls, the walls, Laptops, Planners, and - of course - the back of your Subaru!

Dyke Sticker 3 Pack Key Features:

  • With the colors of the Lesbian Flag, these sexy stickers are designed for you to own the word and stand with power.
  • Contains three Peel-&-Stick 3" x 3" matte adhesive decals. 

KushKard Naughty Stickers - Because EVERYONE loves the Sticky-Icky! Featuring a variety of “blunt” messages, KushKard's dank decals will rock your subversive style on Laptops, Coffee Mugs, Water Bottles, and Phones! Have some fun and (Metaphorically) stick to your guns with sticker themes ranging from Love and Sex, to Gay Pride and Pop Culture.

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