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Contoured Love Cushion

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  • Bedroom Bliss Contoured Love Cushion - Purple
  • Elevate your hips with this contoured sex pillow
  • Large Contoured Sex Cushion - Purple
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Can your pillow do THIS? Our Bedroom Bliss Collection Sex Furniture and Love Ramps are here to revolutionize your play sessions – all while doubling as quality, functional cushions and bedroom decor! You may already have your favorite pillow, but in this Contoured Love Cushion you'll find the ultimate position pal! Designed with high-density foam, this cushion's ergonomic design lifts your hips for side-of-the-bed sex, boosts your bum for anal and oral play, and perfectly elevates your back for missionary and doggy-style.

Adjusting your angle of penetration by changing the angle of one person’s pelvis can make a big difference, especially for the receiver. For example, angling a pelvis upwards, called an anterior pelvic tilt, is great for A-spot and G-spot stimulation! It can also make oral sex easier and more pleasurable by propping the hips up to face level, freeing up the giver's hands. 

Don't worry about it warping or changing shape - this Cushion's high-caliber dual foam is constructed to support multiple positions (and bodies.) Get wet and wild with lubricants, massage oils and body fluids! Thanks to the moisture-resistant cover, this love tool will stand up to your juiciest love sessions. When the fun is over, just unzip it and toss it in the washing machine on cold! 

Contoured Sex Cushion Positions

Bedroom Bliss Contoured Love Cushion Key Features:

  • Ready to level up your expectations? Instead of piling up pillows on your bed to lay back on, get yourself the Contoured Love Cushion and give yourself something that holds up under pressure! 
  • The rolling curves of this ergonomically designed pillow gently support the natural curve of your spine so you can lay down and enjoy back support, elevate your hips, cushion your knees or elbows and lift up your head.
  • The velvety, polyester outer cover is ultra soft against bare skin and the water-resistant inner cover protects the foam pillow from spills and moisture.
  • Machine Washable and Water Resistant Covers: The velvety outer layer is soft against bare skin. The inner layer is water-resistant to keep your foam pillow moisture-free. Machine wash cover on cold for best results so the material does not melt, singe or overheat. Consider air-drying if your dryer runs hot.
  • Dimensions: Length: 33 inches, Width: 24 inches, Height: 9.5 inches.
  • Materials: Velvet, PU foam, nylon, resin (zipper).

Bedroom Bliss: Build your own private orgasm oasis with ergonomically designed sex furniture, love pillows, and more. Add support to your love-making sessions to achieve deeper penetration and an adventurous variety of positions. Spice things up by using cuffs to restrain your partner to bondage furniture. Build a sex room and let your imagination and passions run wild together as you explore all the possibilities Bedroom Bliss offers!

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