Lovense Max 2 Rechargeable Male Masturbator

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Max Out Your Pleasure Potential. 

Our devices are getting smarter, and we aren't just talking about your phone. If you think that innovative technology and men's sex toys don't mix, the Lovense Max 2 Rechargeable Male Masturbator is here to guide your stroke sessions into the 21st century. The unofficial "IT toy" of men's magazines, bloggers, and the Reddit community, Max 2 is a modern masturbation tool that lives up to the hype.

Almost as sophisticated as your iPhone - but far more stimulating than your favorite sport sock - Max 2 brings a dizzying combination of vibration, suction, and 360-degree contractions that are easily adjusted and controlled remotely via any smart device. And, while the latest and greatest tech gear can sometimes come with jaw-dropping, sky-high price tags, Max 2 is a luxury tool that's priced within reach. 

The soft, realistic sleeve and the patent-pending air pump mechanism work together like hand in glove, making it the perfect way to enjoy an explosive quickie or put your edging skills to the test. (It's all enough to give your Fleshlight performance anxiety.) Because it's Bluetooth enabled, it's easy to connect with the Lovense App, and you can begin controlling your toy right away. 

If you have your significant other download the app and add them as a friend, they’ll be able to control your toy from a distance, and enjoy chatting and camming opportunities as well. Don't want to use Lovense software to video chat? You can connect the toys with the Lovense APP and use a third-party video chat service- like Skype- to see each other. Skype sex will never be the same again!

Max 2 is designed to accommodate around 95% of men. Max 2 is about 6.5 inches deep. If you are longer than this, you shouldn’t worry. The most sensitive parts are toward the beginning of the penis. And, guys up to around 14.5cm in girth should be able to comfortably enjoy it. The air pump design ensures all men feel the sensations, which mimic vaginal contractions. If you properly apply lube on your penis, on the entry hole and inside the sleeve even above-average penises can use it!

Need to keep things discreet?  Max 2's sleek white carrying case looks more like a bluetooth speaker than a sex toy, allowing you to store it in plain sight. As with all Lovense products, this premium male masturbator is 100% body-safe and has CE certification that complies with EU standards. The product contains NO harmful chemicals, Phthalates or Latex. And because all good things eventually come to an end, there's also a realistic replacement sleeve when it's time to replace your stock sleeve (or when you simply want a change of pace.)

For best results, Lube it up—it's your toy's best accessory. A water-based is not only your best bet for keeping Max 2 in pristine condition but also ensures you get the most bang for your buck (literally). Wash Max 2 before and after plunging into self-pleasure by using warm water and soap.

What's Included: Comes with the Max 2 Bluetooth Male Masturbator, magnetic USB charging cable, and a user manual.

Lovense Max 2 Rechargeable Male Masturbator Key Features:

  • There's only one thing that men like better than high-tech gadgets, and this new stroking system combines them both in one sleek product!
  • As a result of constant research and feedback, Max 2 now has an improved sleeve, 360-degree contractions, and a redesigned vibrator.
  • Max 2 also features an easier charging process, longer battery life, and extra-improved sensors.
  • Sync Max 2 with Nora or another Max/Max 2 and the toys will react to each other's movements. 
  • The Bluetooth-enabled design allows you to connect with your lover from anywhere.
  • Max 2 Dimensions:  Overall Length - 9.50 inches. Diameter - 3.33 inches.
  • Included sleeve can be replaced with the Lovense Realistic Vagina Sleeve. 
  • Backed by Lovense's 1 Year Warranty. 

Lovense Max 2 power settings

Lovense Max 2 Reviews:

"This is currently the only masturbation sleeve on the market that can be controlled by your partner from hundreds of miles away. The Max 2 has vibrations and constrictions, so it will feel like your partner is giving you a handy from across the globe." - Men's Health Magazine

"As the world’s very first high-tech masturbator for men, the Lovense Max 2 is a new and improved version of the almost equally amazing predecessor that brought millions of men to a successful climax." -

"Tight and intense, the bumpy internal sleeve of the Lovense Max 2 will send chills down your spine as you push your penis into the tight hole and then activate the vibrations for extra lip-biting intensity." - Austin Chronicle

"I’ve awarded the title of the best vibrating pocket pussy to the Lovense Max 2 6th Generation. If standard fleshlights and pocket pussies bore you, the Lovense Max 2 could be for you." - Sextopedia

"With their solid design and integrated app that allows users to custom-control the effect, it's no wonder they're so damn buzzy (pun intended)." - Vice Magazine

Lovense: Sex Tech For Everyone. Lovense’s award-winning lineup is a sexy reminder that it’s not just about the electrical current in your sex toy, but the current that runs between you and your partner. Designed to create better intimacy whether you’re in the same room or miles apart, Lovense’s Bluetooth-enabled toys are the culmination of more than 10 years of research, development, and countless man-hours. Now, as one of the leading brands in Teledildonics worldwide, Lovense has developed a reputation for uncompromising design and incomparable vibration strength. Every Lovense product is crafted to be portable, powerful, travel-ready, and ready to partner with you, your devices, or your lover. Welcome to the future of sex tech!

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3 Reviews

  • 1

    Doesn't deliver

    Posted by Raging Bull on May 31st 2022

    absolutely garbage

  • 4

    Good buy

    Posted by Athan on May 1st 2022

    I could give a crap about syncing to music or another person, I just want a good stroker. The contractions feel REALLy good. A bit noisy. Overall a great toy. I also love the fact that the replacement sleeves are cheap.

  • 5

    He loves it

    Posted by Clever Girl on Mar 26th 2022

    I ordered this for my boyfriend who's currently stationed in Texas. We haven't tried out the long distance functions together but he says it's the best thing I ever bought him. LOL!

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