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LoveBotz Pro-Bang Sex Machine with Remote Control

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  • Floor-Mounted Fucking Machine from LoveBotz
  • LoveBotz Pro-Bang Sex Machine with Remote Control
  • LoveBotz Pro-Bang Sex Machine with Remote Control
  • Hand-Held Fuck Machine from LoveBotz
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Ready to open up your mind (and orifices) to bionic-level penetration? There's nothing like a piston-powered prick to plow a hungry pussy or ass, and this LoveBotz Pro-Bang Sex Machine with Remote Control is one of the best! Everyone loves different strokes, so Pro-Bang offers up to 240 of them per minute. How many thrusts can YOU take? A nympho's delight, Pro-Bang also comes with a realistic 6" dildo for pulse-pounding vaginal penetration or total anal annihilation so you'll never be left wanting more. 

The brilliant thing about Pro-Bang is its versatility! Unlike heavy sex machines that require difficult assembly, Pro-Bang is ready to rock right out of the package and weighs only 2 pounds, making it simple to handle and transport. It's easy to enjoy in all your favorite positions: Get your fill while kneeling, sitting, squatting, or standing by simply changing the angle of the thrust with a twist of a screw while the suction cup mount holds it securely in place. And, you don't just have to leave it stuck to the floor, you can also use chairs, tables, etc. to place it at the right level.

Lights, Camera, ACTION: Not only will you love riding this lightweight and portable sex machine - your partner will love watching you enjoy it! The wireless controller makes it easy to change thrusting speed for easy solo play or when you want to put on a show for your fans. The dildo adaptor works with the included 6 Inch attachment as well as most Vac-U-Lock products, when you want to take your dildo play to the big leagues. You're only limited by your imagination!

Care: For maximum comfort, partner your Pro-Bang dildo with plenty quality water-based lubricants during play and relube often! Once you're done enjoying all it's got to offer, unlog Pro-Bang, remove the dildo from the adaptor, and wash it off with mild soap and warm water. Store dry away from other soft sex toys. 

LoveBotz Pro-Bang Sex Machine with Remote Control Key Features:

  • Enjoy two exciting ways to play! This fuck-machine boasts powerful hand-held or floor-mounted thrusting action in a lightweight and portable package.
  • The 2 pound design allows you to handle the Pro-Bang with ease, letting you control and direct its power into your partner! 
  • The suction cup mount makes it easy to change the angle of thrust with a twist of the securement screws so you can explore a myriad of positions on your own or with a partner. 
  • Just attach the included 6 Inch dildo (or your own favorite dildo), plug into your wall outlet, and enjoy portable powerful fucking on demand.
  • Start slow, and turn up the intensity with the easy to use controls found on the machine itself, or with the included wireless remote control. 
  • Enjoy 2.5 inches of total stroking length and up to 240 strokes per minute!
  • Overall Machine Measurements: 18 inches in length x 12 inches in width x 11.5 inches in height.
  • Base Measurements: 11 inches in length x 8.5 inches in width x 1.8 inches in height.
  • Dildo Measurements: 6 inches in total length, 5.75 inches insertable length, 1.75 inches in diameter. 
  • Includes: 1 Pro-Bang Sexmachine, 1 remote control, 1 dildo adapter, 1 6-inch dildo, 4 suction cup mounts.

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    Fun recreation

    Posted by BringBackTab on Apr 19th 2022

    Hey party people. If you are a person that REALLY likes to fuck, and you like to hang around other people that like to fuck, this is by far the best favor you can bring other than queso and the (clears throat) usual suspects. Pro bang is surprisingly light which makes it really easy to transport. Literally, you can fit this anywhere, bag it up and go. And its great for handheld fucking. Unfortunately, the lightweight design also can be problematic. In fact, making this a few pounds heavier would help stabilize this quite a bit. There is a suction cup base, but those suction cups are no match for the enthusiastic bucking of a 200+ pound person. The end result is that it can tip or flip. We created a sturdier base using some 2x4s and a 45 lb weight. Not exactly classy but it works. But also renders the portability aspect useless. As for the power, this is a fiesty one for the size but it doesn't come close to the floor-mounted models we've tried. Definitely not underpowered, just not OVERpowered. End of story, if you want something super easy to travel with, you will LOVE probang, but if you want something sturdy that will thrust you into your next life, go with the Lovense or Hismith. FYI: If you do go with this model you will need the lovebotz adaptor if you want to add bigger dildos. We got ours on amazon.

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