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The Sneaky Sack - Discreet Sex Toy Storage

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  • The Sneaky Sack - Discreet Sex Toy Storage
  • Holistic Sneaky Sack  - Hide Your Toys!

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Hide Your Toys In Plain Sight!

There's plenty of ways to hide your sexy stash, but The Sneaky Sack - Discreet Sex Toy Storage is one of the smartest storage solutions we've seen yet. No need for a lock and key- Sneaky Sack fits right over a standard hanger. Just slip it under clothing or jackets and safely away from the prying eyes of kids, roomates and guests. Nobody will ever know! 

Sneaky Sack is waterproof, washable and large enough to store all of your vibrators, lubricants, sex toys in style.Perfect for travel- Use it to store cash, jewelry and valuables when you don't have access to a safe. It also provides convenient pockets for better organization to keep your items from accidentally damaging each other.

This durable, waterproof bag has a soft and silky exterior made with a fabric called Lustra (a Cotton blend) and the Interior is made with SOFlux which is a waterproof breathable, fluidproof, cleanable fabric (commonly used in hospitals) that does not crack like other vinyl fabrics.

The ideal manner to store the Sneaky Sack: Hang it by the straps on a hanger and store it discreetly under clothing. The Sneaky Sack is specifically designed to hang below necklines and completely disappear from sight when clothing is placed over it. We recommend a dark coat, sweater or sweatshirt for the most discreet placement.

Product Dimensions: Interior of main compartment is 17.25"H x 12.5"W, front pocket is 12"H x 12"W, and back pocket is 13"H x 12.25"W.

The Sneaky Sack - Discreet Sex Toy Storage Key Features:

  • Hides & Stores Items From View (In Plain Sight!)
  • Does Not Make Noise When Clothes Are Moved
  • Perfect Under An Old Sweatshirt- Look Right At It & Not See It
  • Pockets Keep Products From Damaging Each Other
  • Double Layered - Very Strong For Heavy Items & Will Not Rip Bag
  • Waterproof- To Store Personal Lubricants, Massage Oils, Etc.
  • Multiple Storage Pockets For Organization
  • Machine Washable & Durable
  • Hides Even Large Items
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