Squishy Stress-Relieving Balls

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  • Squishy Stress-Relieving Balls - Gag Gift
  • Be a baller with our Squishy Stress Relieving testicles
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Wanna Be A Baller?

Ladies, stress sucks. Yoga, hot baths and mindfullness techniques are great, but sometimes you need a faster way to relax. Before you grab that bottle of Rose' (or someone's actual testicles), reach for this berry-scented set of Squishy Stress-Relieving Balls to provide instant relief!

Bills piling up? SQUEEZE. Boss giving you hell? SQUEEZE! Did he Ghost You? SQUEEZE! Screaming Kids? SQUEEZE! SQUEEZE! SQUEEZE! Portable and purse-sized, these stress-ticles are great to have on hand to reduce tension and prevent you from crushing someone's actual balls like a pair of grapes. 

They make a great gifts and stocking stuffers for those women you know who could use a set of balls. Best of all, studies show that having a nutsack provides you with a 20.8% salary increase, so be sure to wear these balls when you ask for your next pay raise. Take that, Gender Pay Gap!

Product Dimensions: 2.75"

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