Nipztix Black Leather Slave 4 U Choker & Pasties

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  • Nipztix Black Leather Slave 4 U Choker & Pasties
  • Burlesque Slave 4 U Chain Neck Choker Leather Reusable Silicone Nipztix - Black
  • Nipztix Black Leather Slave 4 U Choker & Pasties
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Want to serve some fetish vibes? Whether you're a bondage babe, a punk rock princess, or a secretly-kinky soccer mom, this Nipztix Black Leather Slave 4 U Choker & Pasties Set will put it all out there! This vegan leather set includes a pair of studded breast petals, chain connections and an adjustable spiked collar - because Girl, you need more RESTRAINT!

Each box includes 2 reusable Burlesque Nipztix pasties. BNPs will accentuate your allure and give you a sexy, provocative and occasionally comedic edge whether you’re turnin’ up at the cabaret or at da club. When treated with the utmost love, care, and respect, these silicone nipple-knacks can be worn many many times….they really are ALL THAT JAZZ! 

How to Use: 

  • Open the box and behold the glory that is your new Nipztix Leather Bondage Choker with Pasties! 
  • Pick an epic event or a sexy partner to wear them for
  • Peel off thin plastic film and DO NOT DISCARD! Stay classy, no trashy!  
  • Position Burlesque Nipztix over nipple and apply firmly to breast 
  • After your insanely awesome experience, remove and hand wash with warm water and MILD soap
  • Leave them until they are FULLY DRY, and then cover the sticky, icky part with the saved thin plastic film
  • Repeat steps 2-6 over for a really really ridiculous amount of wears, HOLLA!
  • When the adhesive finally wears off, reapply them with pastie glue and they're good to go!

Nipztix Pasties by NevaNude: We know you hate your bra, so ditch it and prepare to feel totally free when you don a set of our Nipztix nipple pasties! Made of waterproof swimsuit material in daringly bold colors, these nipple covers let you get nearly-bare while rockin’ your unique style. Whether you go with classic, cute, funky or downright weird, Nipztix have you covered for ANY occasion. 

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