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Sack Up, Dude!

Need a toy that focuses on your low-hanging fruit? Part ball stretcher and part ball weight, our Perfect Fit Bull Bag Ball Stretcher works better than a tight pair of toreador pants! Bull Bag's scrote-hugging shape defines and exaggerates the shape of your stuff, AND hugs your sack just the way you like it. 

Ready to sack up? Simply stretch the opening on the top of the Bull Bag and gently release over your entire scrotum. The Bull Bag gives a satisfying stretch and tug for that extra overload hanging right between your legs. 

A full-sized design adds just the right amount of weight to your testicles, without having to use metal rings or weights. The Bull Bag also works for giving your package that prize-bull bulge under your favorite pair of jeans. 

Clean-up is quick and easy using warm soapy water and a thorough rinse. Compatible with water-based lubricants only. Store in a cool, dry place away from other soft toys.

Perfect Fit Bull Bag Ball Stretcher Key Features:

  • Part ball stretcher and part ball weight, the Bull Bag™ is two scrotum toys in one!  
  • Simply stretch it over your scrotum and release for added weight, swing, and sexual stimulation.
  • Bull Bag is made of Perfect Fit's own PF blend, which on top of being skin-safe and phthalate-free offers a superior stretch and unmatched durability. 
  • Size:  Regular - .75" stretch. XL - 1.5" stretch.

Why wear a Ball Stretcher? Quite simply, the tug is a turn on! Ball Stretching is one of the more fun activities that exist under the CBT (cock and ball torture) umbrella, although this is a bit of a misnomer since it's less about the torture and more about the sensation. Ball Stretchers can actually feel very pleasurable by preventing the testicles from moving up during orgasm, prolonging and intensifying your climax. Weighted Ball Stretchers can also be used to elongate the scrotum by men who appreciate the aesthetics of low hanging balls. 

How To Wear A Ball Stretcher: Before getting into the swing of things, it's best to make sure your sack is relaxed and that your balls are not retracted. Starting in a standing position to let gravity assist you, insert your fingers into your ring and spread them out, making the inner diameter as wide as possible. Then, gently stretch your testicles down with your opposite hand while sliding the ring up and over your entire sack. Once your Ball Stretcher is correctly positioned, just sit back and enjoy the view!

Keeping Your Sack Intact: Let's not traumatize your precious family jewels. Stay safe by taking your ball stretching slowly! Never force your balls through a stretcher, never over-stretch to the point of cutting off circulation, and NEVER fall asleep in your cock ring or ball stretcher. If your ring gets stuck, lubricant is your friend. 

Perfect Fit: Amazing is our standard! Established in 2011, Perfect Fit Brand is the next generation of male sex toys. Featuring proprietary body-safe materials and clean, minimalist designs, these virtuosos of male pleasure ensure that your sexual experience is as powerfully satisfying as can be.

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Additional Information

Safety Feature:
Phthalates Free
Allergy Info:
Ball Stretching/CBT
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2 Reviews

  • 4

    Runs small but great product

    Posted by Mateo on May 24th 2022

    Make sure you get the sizing right, I thought the .75 incher was the right size but wayyy to small, the next size up was perfect but I had to toss the first one. lesson learned

  • 4

    Cups your junk just right

    Posted by Yosi on Jul 8th 2021

    A little hard to get on at first but the fit is perfect. Looks real good through a pair of sweat pants. ;)

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