ON: Power Glide Performance Gel for Men

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Pump up the VOLUME.
ON: Power Glide Performance Gel for Men is a fast-acting gel that dramatically heightens your sensation and increases blood flow to make you feel thicker and firmer.
If you need a quick "pick me up" but want to avoid pills and supplements, you'll find this unique hybrid-gel is safe, pleasant to apply, and doesn't conflict with any medications.
What does POWER GLIDE feel like?
The sensations are dramatic! You may feel tingling, buzzing, warmth, increased blood flow, and even a slight increase in girth.
Can POWER GLIDE be used with a partner?
Yes! Use Power Glide as a prep product prior to intercourse to maximize performance and feel more sensation. (Wipe away the excess before entering your partner.) You'll continue to feel the pleasurable sensation after it is wiped off, and it is possible your partner may feel some sensations as well.
Can POWER GLIDE be used while wearing a condom? Yes! When using it with a condom, wipe the excess away before putting on a condom (so it doesn’t slip off). There is no oil in POWER GLIDE so it does not damage latex. This is a great idea for men who have less sensation while wearing condoms.
The effects are temporary and can last up to an hour. Try experimenting using different amounts and use more if desired! Contains 1.7 oz.
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Safety Feature:
1.7 oz.
Allergy Info:
Stimulant Free
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