Disability-Friendly Sex Toys? Oh Yes!

You Gotta' Fight For Your Right (To Climax.)

Assistive devices help disabled people who have difficulty seeing, walking, and talking - but what about that less-talked-about activity that also impacts mental health and overall quality of life? S-E-X? Newsflash: Disabled people have sex. (They even enjoy it.) But shouldn’t we all know by now that people with disabilities are sexual beings who deserve pleasure as much as everyone else?

Contrary to popular belief and much clutching of pearls, differently-abled folks can - and do - get it on with the best of them.

For some, the physical mechanics of getting off are challenging and require more creativity than most able-bodied people could imagine. Thankfully, accessible devices like sex toys - (yes, SEX TOYS) - are helping to level the playing field. And, they represent more than just a simplified orgasm. For those living with disabilities; they are just as much a part of assistive tech as a wheelchair or a hearing aid.

Keep in mind that we still have a long way to go when it comes to sexual equity and most adult products are not specifically designed for disabled needs. However, these "accidentally accessible" products can still do a lot to help people feel more connected to their bodies (or their partner’s body) while providing more comfort, spontaneity, and independence.

With this in mind, here are a few accessible sex toys that can make you feel better in YOUR body. Let's roll:

Rideables Vibrating Pads

Trying to dry hump a vibrator on a flat surface is the true definition of awkward - (or so we've heard.) Luckily, these hands-free pleasure cushions feature a flat base that holds them steady so you can get your grind on with DIGNITY.

Gale Hands-Free Stroker

If AI is truly going to ruin the world, we sure hope it can learn how to give us all blowjobs first. Speaking of BJs, this toy's suction-cup base lets you go at it hands-free. And, it's packing enough torque to make our robot overlords jealous.

Digit Finger Vibe

Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb, this little vibe is gonna' make you come! Perfect for people who have a hard time holding a vibrator in place, Hot Octopuss's Digit is lightweight and incredibly easy to use. And, it's great for solo or partnered play.

Hot Octopuss Pulse

The industry-acclaimed PULSE was designed to help combat sexual dysfunction in men with mobility issues, and other physical disabilities, with technology that allows you to ejaculate (orgasm) without an erection.

Sex Furniture

Want a fun new way to prop up your sex life? Sex Furniture isn't just for dungeons anymore. Pillows, chairs, and swings can provide you with the bounce & mobility you've been missing. Who wouldn't want to get their freak on in mid-air?

Strap-On Thigh Harness

If mobility issues or back pain won't allow you to thrust with your pelvis, put your LEGS to work with this Strap-On Thigh Harness. Just slide your favorite dildo into the O-ring and give your partner the ultimate horsey ride.

“The most interesting people you’ll find are ones that don’t fit into your average cardboard box. They’ll make what they need, they’ll make their own boxes."

Dr. Temple Grandin

May 20th 2024 C. Pocaressi

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