Satisfyer Yoni Power 2 Balls Training Set

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1 out of 3 women have problems with weakening muscles in their pelvic area due to age, continence stress, childbearing and Menopause. One of the best weapons to prevent and combat pelvic floor dysfunction? Kegel Exercise, and this Satisfyer Yoni Power 2 Balls Training Set makes it easier to put those crucial muscles back in control. Unlike standard "clench and release" exercises, this 3 stage program offers perfectly sized and weighted ben wa training for focused results. 

Made from durable stainless steel, Yoni Balls are perfectly weighted and encased in seamless, medical-grade silicone with retrieval loops that simplify insertion and removal. Each ball massages you while challenging your pelvic muscles to hold them in place. As a beginner, you start with the largest and heaviest, wear while standing, (3 cm diameter, 73 g) and work your way through the medium (2.5 cm diameter, 46 g) to the smallest and lightest (2 cm diameter, 22 g).

If you do these pelvic floor exercises regularly, you will quickly notice an effect - as will your lover. Best of all, using them to strengthen your kegels won't only help prevent pelvic disorders. Your powerful new "love muscles" can also help make your orgasms FAR more intense! Simply lubricate your balls and hold in for 15-20 minutes once daily, working your way up to longer hold times. (For some advanced users, it's not unusual to hold them for several hours.)

Because they are silent, you can use them throughout the day, shopping, running errands, or even working out - if you're daring. For maximum comfort, partner your toy with quality water-based lubricants during exercise. Once you're done, wash your Yoni Balls off with mild soap and warm water. Allow to air dry completely, then store away from other soft sex toys.

Satisfyer Yoni Power 2 Balls Training Set Key Features:

  • The Satisfyer Yoni Power 2 Set consists of three balls in different sizes which you can use to gradually train your pelvic floor. 
  • You can also use the Satisfyer Ben Wa balls if you want to strengthen your pelvic floor after giving birth or to prevent bladder weakness.
  • Particularly suitable for novices: The stainless steel balls are encased in seamless, medical-grade silicone and are therefore particularly hygienic.
  • Thanks to the silicone retrieval loop, they are also very easy to insert and remove.
  • Diameters: Large - 1.18", Medium - .98", Small - .79".
  • Backed by Satisfyer's 15 year Warranty.

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