12 Sexy Gifts for Men

In need of sexy gifts for men? It’s time to surprise the man in your life with a saucy, sassy, sensual present that will take his breath away. Tabutoys has a steamy selection of sexy gift ideas to get you started.

Some Lube for Smoother Lovin’

Wicked Sensual Care masturbation creme

Sexy gifts for men don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, making his journey a little smoother is all that’s necessary to put a smile on his face. A little lube will do the trick. A silky cream or traditional lube will add to the pleasure of his solo sexy time and the time he spends with you.

A Realistic Masturbatory Toy

Think outside the box when coming up with sexy gift ideas. Thrill him with a realistic masturbation toy. Make sure to pick out a replica that’s arranged in his favorite position, be it doggy-style or missionary.

A Sexy Stroker

stroker masturbation toy for men

Strokers are excellent sex toys for men. With different shapes, sizes, and textures available, he can experience a fresh thrill the next time he takes matters into his own hand.

Something for Staying-Power

If you like it, then you should put a ring on it — a cock ring, that is. He’ll last longer and experience a more intense orgasm.

Feel the Vibrations

vibrating rabbit cock ring

If you really like it, then you should put a vibrating ring on it. Vibrating cock rings allow him to feel a gentle — or intense — pulse that will ride him through some of the most unbelievable orgasms of his life while stimulating his partner.

Strap-Ons That He Can Wear

Plenty of sexy gifts for men are pleasurable for his partner, too. A strap-on for him is a bit like a masturbatory sheathe, except that he can strap it on, slide his member into the hollow dildo, and go to town on you.

Strap-Ons That You Can Wear

If he’s open to pegging, then you can gift him with a strap-on that you can use on him. Be sure to include some lube with this sexy gift idea.

His Own Vibe

A penis is as sensitive to vibrations as the clitoris. Surprise him with his own vibrator. A few strokes and he’ll be in heaven.

Some Prostate Stimulation

prostate stimulator with remote

Prostate stimulators and small vibes are sexy gifts for men who want to explore their P-spot. From vibrating finger sleeves to slim anal vibes and beads, there are prostate-tickling toys for every man.

Less Sensitivity

Want to help him last a little longer? Desensitizing products are an option. Include a spray or cream with another toy to make it worth his while.

A Bondage Surprise

Handcuffs, blindfolds, and gags are all sexy gift ideas for the gentleman who’s interested in a little BDSM play. Test your boundaries together but remember to pick out a safe word first!

Lascivious Lingerie

mesh underwear for men

Lingerie is always a sexy gift idea. Pick out something sexy that you can wear for him or choose men’s lingerie that will make him feel like the hottest stud in the world.

Are you tempted by any of these sexy gifts for men? Tell us which one tickled his fancy!

Oct 14th 2021

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