Things People Using Sex Toys Should Know

Things People Using Sex Toys Should Know

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There is no one ‘correct’ way for people using sex toys, and no one understands this better than the friendly team at Tabutoys. You’ve come to the right place for sex toy tips delivered with a completely non-judgmental attitude. Your sexual satisfaction is our total command, and we are prepared to go above and beyond to provide you the tools necessary for exactly this.

Tabutoys encourages people using sex toys in any way they see fit. No matter your sexual orientation, gender, preferences, or any other factor, Tabutoys is here to help make your sex life better than ever before. Our approach is 100% open-minded, choosing to deal with sex in a comfortable setting where all ideas are welcome, no matter how kinky.


The beautiful thing about sex is that if you’re into it, no matter how niche you believe it may be, you’re not alone! For this reason, we offer helpful forums for people to interact in a low-key and friendly fashion, a safe space to discuss the various things that turn you on. We want you to feel confident in your sexuality and exercise your right to get curious and creative when upping the ante on your kink.

As a business, Tabutoys supports people using sex toys. Sure, we love to make a sale because we firmly believe in the reciprocity we’re providing. But our passion goes far beyond just sex as a business. We are here to provide helpful information on all things sex, and how to best use sex toys to expand your capacity to experience pleasure.

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May 25th 2021

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