Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators

There’s nothing as satisfying as a thrusting rabbit vibrator. The dual orgasmic action of this iconic sex toy is renowned, stimulating both the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. The rabbit delivers the explosive orgasms you crave, taking the edge off whenever you choose! The much sought-after two-in-one orgasm is yours as often as you want it with one of these clever little bunnies. Explore the wonders of the notorious rabbit. Find your ideal jack rabbit vibrator at Tabutoys!

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One Orgasm Isn’t Enough

The rabbit vibrator has evolved out of the pink bunny ears it sported in its earliest Japanese incarnations. It’s now a sleekly efficient pleasure wand. Made from body-safe materials, the thrusting rabbit vibrators at Tabutoys are yet another jewel in Team Bunny’s crown. This style of rabbit does the thrusting for you, providing tremendous benefit to those with limited mobility in the shoulder and arm, and abundant orgasms for all women!

The jack rabbit vibrator is engineered to thrill, delivering targeted stimulation to your clitoris while pleasuring the G-spot. And your personal bunny is available in numerous settings and modes. In some models, rotating beads on the toy’s shaft add a delicious sensation to your solo play or another layer of fun to play with a partner.

One of the leading sex toys for women, rabbit vibrators are a revelation that millions have discovered. If you’re new to this ultra-satisfying sex toy, it’s time to discover thundering, two-in-one orgasms!

100% Discretion Guarantee

Find thrusting rabbit vibrators at Tabutoys, secure in the knowledge that your privacy is in secretive hands. Your order from Tabutoys looks like any other package, so you’re the only one who’ll know what’s inside. Need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions or to find what you’re looking for!