Adult Sex Toy Advice For Couples

Adult Sex Toy Advice For Couples

If you're interested in using sex toys with your partner, experimenting with the ones you already own is a great place to start. Here's a few ways to incorporate sex toys into your shared bedroom routine!

Adult Sex Toys For Couples

They come in virtually every size, shape and color. They can adopt the form of basic, inexpensive hardware or luxury Objets D’ Art.

Anal Vibrators – “The Journey to Uranus”

Great for both men and women, vibrating beads and probes can deliver completely different (and amazing) sensations that can be enjoyed as foreplay or the main course.

Vibrating plugs can be inserted into the anus and then left in during sex or masturbation for added stimulation and more intense orgasms.

And, taking the time to explore his prostate (the male g-spot) can be a great way for her to focus on him. We’re all so “phallocentric” that we often forget that men have more than one pleasure zone!

The prostate is one male hot spot that usually slips under the radar, but it’s a surefire way to provide him with a earth-shaking, full-body orgasm (not unlike a G-Spot orgasm for her.) Speaking of which..

G-Spot Vibrators – “Make it Rain”

The clit isn’t the only game in she-town. In the pantheon of female pleasure, the G-Spot is a little like the Holy Grail – mysterious but hugely rewarding.

One of the best way to target this area is with a G-Spot vibrator. The combination of pressure from their curved tips and fast, rhythmic vibrations can trigger G-Spot orgasms and (if you’re lucky) female ejaculation..colloquially known as “squirting.”

For men, mastering the G can require time, sensitivity and a whole lot of patience. Want to know more?

Check out our Guide To Female Ejaculation, grab a G-Spot vibrator, and proceed to impress the hell out of her with your new found carnal knowledge.

Wearable Couple’s Vibrators – “Look, No hands!”

U-Shaped vibrators like the We-Vibe, Lelo’s Ida and the L’Amourose Lana are designed to stimulate a woman’s body inside and out during solo play or during intercourse.

So how does it feel to him? Well, his penis and the vibrator will definitely get to know each other since they’ll both be inhabiting the same space but when it comes to wearable vibrators like these, the focus is more on her G-Spot and clitoris.

Most men find the vibration uniquely pleasurable but not necessarily orgasmic as she will.

Remote-Control Vibrators – “Love from a Distance”

Whether you’re using an insertable bullet or vibrating panties, these remotely-controlled sex toys are bound to inspire all kinds of naughty shenanigans.

Remember the restaurant scene with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler in “The Ugly Truth”? Judging by it’s forgettable ratings, probably not. But, it did illustrate the explosive scenarios that can happen when a woman wears a remote-controlled vibrator in public.

Intrigued the idea of locked and loaded panties? Slip on a pair, hand him the remote and see what kind of trouble you can get into!

Dildos – “The Ins-And-Outs”

What’s the difference between a dildo and a vibrator? Simple! One vibrates and one doesn’t. Though both can be used for penetration, vibrators are electronically-powered while dildos are “people-powered.”

Additionally, many dildos are realistically shaped like a man’s phallus. While some men might see a realistic dildo as unwelcome “competition” in the bedroom, many guys are turned on by seeing their lover penetrated by a big, realistic cock (other than their own.) Think of that dildo as a third partner, without the awkward post-coital small talk.

That said, dildos are generally based on the concept that all women can climax from penetration. Fact: Not every vagina magically erupts with pleasure immediately upon insertion. If only life were so simple..

While some lucky women can come from vaginal penetration alone, most need a little clitoral stimulation to achieve the O-Face.

If she likes penetration but requires clit stimulation to orgasm, couples can partner a dildo with an external vibrator. He can drive the dildo while she handles the clit business. Sex is all about teamwork!

If your dildo has balls or a flange-base you can also use it for butt-play. (Just cover it with a condom before you share it.)

Adult Games – “Play together, Slay Together”

A great way to enhance a quiet evening at home, a good bedroom game can inspire romance, laughter and fun – even when you’re not in the mood.

Games like “Fantasy Affairs”, “The Monogamy Game” and “You & Me” can give curious couples a great opportunity to communicate and learn more about each other in a fun, non-threatening way.

Generally more romantically sexy than outright sexual – Ultra-Kinksters may find games naughty board games a little pedestrian for their tastes (but they could stand to lighten up.)

Nipple Toys – “Perk up your Foreplay.”

Nipple play is usually assumed to be the domain of women, but guess what? Men have nipples that like to be stimulated too!

Male or female, if you enjoy the sensation of having your nipples squeezed, slapped, nibbled or pinched, clamps are a great option for hands-free nipple play.

For those who are more about pleasure than pain, there are also Nipple Suckers. These create strong, consistent suction – minus the pinch.

A hint: Before you jump into a game of titty bingo, try to take your nipple play slowly. Gradually build the intensity to match the tempo of your foreplay because the closer to orgasm you are, the more sensation your nipples can take.

Strap-On Dildos – “Get your Peg On.”

Strap-On dildos let women get in the driver’s seat. Apart from the obvious thrill of role reversal, female-on-male strap-on sex is also a great way to stimulate his prostate.

Alternately, HE can wear a strap-on when we wants to see what it’s like to sport a bigger cock or when problems like E.D make it difficult to perform.

If she’s open to double penetration, some male strap-ons leave the penis and balls free so he can penetrate her vagina and ass with his cock and dildo simultaneously.

Sex Furniture – “Creative Sex Terrain”

You don’t have to be a circus contortionist to enjoy wild sex positions! If you want to get more out of your sex life, there are sex cushions, wedges, ramps and mounts that make experimenting with new positions easy, painless and fun.

"Use sex toys to amp up arousal and to explore diverse sensations on all areas of your body. Don’t limit your sexuality and pleasure to the few sensations a mouth, tongue, hand, or orifice can provide”

- Dr. Chris Donaghue

Sep 3rd 2020 C. Ressi

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