NaughtyWrap Doobies & Boobies Wrapping Paper

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Thanks For The Mammaries.

Want to roll up the perfect present for your breast buddies? There's nothing better than some good dank and some Tig Ol' Bitties, making this NaughtyWrap Doobies & Boobies Wrapping Paper a guaranteed HIT! Covered with a variety of blazin' blunts and bouncy breasts, this quality paper will give anyone the munchies. Always keep a roll handy so you can make those last-minute gifts THE TITS!

NaughtyWrap Doobies & Boobies Wrapping Paper Key Features:

  • Traditional wrapping paper feeling a bit "vanilla" to you? Not here! Grab our Doobies & Boobies Wrapping Paper to tweak up your gifting game!
  • A nice thick sheet of glossy paper, our NaughtyWrap comes in 3 individual sheets rolled together to make gift wrapping easy. 
  • 3 SHEETS SIZE: 20" x 29".

KushKards NaughtyWrap is your down and dirty alternative to boring wrapping paper. With a variety of cute and meme-tastic designs, NaughtyWrap will make ANY gift feel more special!

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