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Sexy Guys Playing Cards

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Nice Deck!

Need a good jack up your sleeve? When it comes to this Sexy Guys Playing Cards it's all about the size of your stack! Perfect for games of poke-her and one-handed Solitaire, this standard 52-card deck offers a variety of oiled-up hunks for your viewing pleasure. Flirty - but not full-frontal - you can use these PG-13 cards to spice up game play with the girls and still bring Grandma along!

Sexy Guys Playing Card Deck Key Features:

  • Perfect for home poker tournaments or rousing games of Bridge, you'll always get lucky with this sexy deck!
  • Get your fill of non-explicit yet sexy shots rock-hard buns and abs. 
  • Card deck comes in a standard 3.5" x 2 1.5" poker deck size.
  • Easy to shuffle, smooth card stock.

Little Genie: The Life Of the Party! Since 1999, Little Genie Productions has produced fun products that encourage playfully intimate encounters. In addition to developing exciting board games and romance gifts for couples, Little Genie creates the best adult party novelties around. Little Genie's X-Rated Candy, Naughty Decor and hilarious Gag Gifts will supply any bachelor or bachelorette bash with more laughs, gasps, (and funny photographs!)

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