Stealth Shaft Support Sling

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  • Stealth Shaft Support Smooth Sling for erectile dysfunction
  • penis sleeve for ED - stealth shaft support
  • stealth hollow penis sleeve for added size and erection enhancement
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Boost More Than Your Confidence.

Wish you could stay up all night like you used to? Firm up your plans with the Stealth Shaft Support Sling. While you may not recapture the raging stamina of your youth, you can please your partner and make the most of each stroke with a little help from this sleeve. A cross between a cockring and a supportive extension, Stealth allows for penetration with or without an erection. Hollow strap-ons work great for men with erectile dysfunction, they only allow you to enjoy the action of thrusting without the feeling. Instead of completely covering the penis, Stealth leaves your most sensitive areas open for skin-to-skin contact so you can show your partner (and yourself) a really great time!

Stealth isn't designed for porn stars. It's designed for real guys, like you, with a realistic size that will feel comfortable to both of you. Made from a flexible and natural-feeling material, this penis enhancer fits like a glove and stays on securely with a sturdy ball strap. The unique design lifts and supports your penis, making stroking and thrusting feel better for you, while the added girth enhances what you've got! 

How To Wear Stealth: Stealth is made with a support strip at the top. Simply insert your penis through the shaft holes, making sure to keep the strip on top. (Adding a small amount of water-based lube can make this process easier.) Once you've put your testicles through the base hole, you're ready to rock out with your Stealth out!

Sizing: With two sizes, you can find the perfect fit for you. The Stealth Shaft Support Size A fits most men sizes 5 to 7 inches in length, while Size B fits men 7 to 9 inches sizes and also accomodates a more girthy penis. 

Stealth Shaft Support Sling Key Features:

  • For when you don't have time to waste, the Stealth Shaft Support is designed to aid in penetration, even in a semi flaccid state.
  • Our penetration toy is designed to be secure and hug your member comfortably to ensure there is no slippage. 
  • The seceret is in the support strip - A material that is sturdy enough to aid in full penetration but pliable enough to bend with your movements. 
  • Stealth leaves the penis exposed for skin to skin contatct, allowing you to enjoy a closer sensation. 
  • Stealth can be worn with a condom! Just slide the condom over the top after you put Stealth on. 
  • Made of nontoxic, body-safe TPE material that is free of Phthalates and Latex.
  • Size A: (2.5" Flaccid Penis)
  • Size B: (3.5" Flaccid Penis)

Stealth Shaft Support How To

Stealth Shaft Sling Reviews:

"Step Back, Viagra: Customers with erectile dysfunction are often limited to questionable products whose effectiveness and safety is often questionable. Nanciland Innovations, on the other hand, sells neither pills nor tinctures, but a simple silicone coating called Stealth Shaft Support, which is supposed to discreetly support a flaccid penis during intercourse and masturbation." - Venus Adult News

"The Stealth Shaft Support, an industry newcomer brand that’s nailing a much-needed niche in the C-ring and ED device market." -

STEALTH: Take Couple's Play From Flaccid to FANTASTIC. An industry first, Stealth's wearable sling provides complete support without obstructing pleasure for either partner. 

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2 Reviews

  • 5

    Me and my husband are having a great time

    Posted by WOW on Jan 12th 2024

    ED has been really hard on us but this definitely helps. Makes things feel bigger too. It does require alot of lube to use.

  • 5

    Nice invention

    Posted by Rock on Aug 26th 2022

    We are getting alot of use from it. One thing though, it takes some doing to get it on so don;t expect to throw it on in the heat of the moment. I have to use a little astroglide to get it all the way on. Once it's in the right position it definitely helps keepmy guy going and it makes my wife feel more full.

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