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Blush Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit

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  • Blush Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit - Purple
  • Our Blush Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit is body-safe, phthalates free and latex free
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Take the first steps to better sex.

If you've experienced vaginal atrophy due to hysterectomy, childbirth or MTF reconstruction surgery, you've probably already heard of vaginal dilation.  Dilation is often recommended by physicians because gently stretching the vaginal tissue (over time) can reduce pain and make sexual penetration possible again. This Blush Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit is a safe and simple way to to transition to pain-free penetration. Unlike your standard-issue hard plastic dilators, this set is made from flexible, body-safe silicone to make your experience more comfortable. 

Each vaginal dilator in this kit features a straight shape with a rounded tip for stress-free entry and a heart-shaped safety base to avoid cervical irritation. With 4 differently sized dilators, starting at only 0.5 inches width, this Wellness Set lets you start small and move upward in size whenever you feel ready. Start with the smallest dilator and - following your Doctor's dilation program - gradually increase in size until you reach your goal. 

Partner your Sinclair dilators with a high-quality water-based lubricant and clean after each use with soap and water or toy cleaner. Partnering your dilator with an external (clitoral) vibrator can also help ease anxiety and improve vaginal relaxation during your stretching exercises. With consistant, daily use you should see an improvement in elasticity and tone. 

Blush Wellness Silicone Dilator Dimensions: Overall Lengths: 3.5, 4.75, 5.25, 5.75, Insertable Lengths: 3, 4.25, 5, 5.5, Diameters: .5, .75, 1, 1.25 inches

How to use Your Vaginal Dilators: Inserting a vaginal dilator is simple. It shouldn’t cause any pain if you do it slowly and gently. This process should take about 10-15 minutes.

Start with the smallest size dilator in your kit. Apply a lubricant to the dilator and the opening of your vagina. Use a water-based lubricant that will help the dilator slide more easily into your vagina. (Don’t use petroleum jelly, oils or silicone-based lubricants.)

  1. Using gentle pressure, slowly insert the round end of the dilator into your vagina. Always insert it in the direction of your spine (back) straight or at a slightly downward angle, like you would insert a tampon.
  2. Continue to insert the dilator slowly until you feel slight discomfort or muscle tension, then stop. The dilator should feel snug but not painful. Never use force and stop if you feel pain. If you don’t feel any pressure when you insert it, you might need to use a larger sized dilator.
  3. Gently push the dilator in and out to stretch the length of your vagina.
  4. Gently rotate the dilator in wide circles to stretch the width of your vagina. Repeat this at the back, middle, and opening of your vagina.
  5.  Stretching should be done at least once per day for 20-30 minutes. As your vagina stretches, you'll be able to withstand more extended amounts of time. Remember that vaginal dilation takes patience!
  6. When you're finished, remove your dilator and clean as instructed. 

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    Posted by Betsy Navarro on Jun 16th 2022

    Sex has always been painful if not impossible for me because of PTSD, so I talked to my OBGYN and she recommended I try using dilators. I found this product on a blog and decided to give it a try. What's great about these is the fact that they start REALLY small and gradually get bigger. (Other ones I've seen are a bit too advanced if you have severe issues.) I’ve been using these for 3 months now, and the difference is like night and day. It hasn't been easy, and for the first few weeks, I felt like nothing was happening. But now not only am I able to experience wince-free penetration with my husband, but now I can actually start to enjoy it. It has truly opened up a whole new world for us. If you are in the same boat, I would highly recommend this as a great investment for your health.

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