PillowTalk Frisky Pleasure Balls

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  • PillowTalk Frisky Pleasure Balls Kegel Exercisers
  • PillowTalk Frisky Pleasure Balls
  • PillowTalk Frisky Pleasure Balls
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Get a Luxe Lift! 

At first glance, this PillowTalk Frisky Pleasure Balls set probably doesn't look like a kegel exerciser. With its ornate quilted texture and Swarovski Crystal accents it looks more akin to jewelry - only this luxury accessory has some pretty amazing sexual side effects. 

The Frisky Balls consist of 2 weighted exercisers specifically designed to strengthen your PC muscles -aka- your sexual core. And what do PC muscles have to with pleasure? EVERYTHING. Your pelvic floor muscles form the bottom of your pelvis and support your pelvic organs. They're not only responsible for urinary continence, but also crucial for your ability to reach orgasm.

A great way to rejuvenate your vagina naturally, Frisky Balls are perfectly weighted to help strengthen these pleasure muscles. Inside each ball is a 2nd ball that delivers a stimulating rocking motion inspired by your natural movements. Do you have those "oh no" moments when laughing, running, sneezing or coughing? We hear you. Just 15 minutes of kegel exercise a day can help you feel stronger, tighter and healthier. 

Start with the larger, lighter ball (that's easier to grip.) Coat the ball with a small amount of waterbased lubricant, insert, and flex! Aim for three sets of ten kegel flexes at first, then four if you can handle it, ten times a day.

Frisky Pleasure Balls are tapered for easy entry and made of medical-grade silicone so they are body-safe, simple to clean and and phthalates free. 

Made of high-grade silicone, this body-safe sex toy is phthalates and latex free. Set Includes a satin storage bag for discreet storage.

Product Dimensions: Single ball - Overall length - 5.9 inches - insertable ball length - 2 inches Diameter of ball - 1.3 inches Dimensions: Double ball - Overall Length - 8 inches - insertable balls length - 5 inches. Diameter of ball - 1.3

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