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Monogamy - A Hot Affair Game

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Enjoy a hot, lust-filled fling.. with your partner!

Ready to play something different? There's no shame in this game! Our Monogamy - A Hot Affair Game makes commitment more fun with hundreds of new ways for couples to connect emotionally and physically. Whether you're shy, inexperienced, or simply stuck in a relationship rut, Monogamy will help you leave your inhibitions behind and inspire some extra-naughty play. 

The game starts off warm as you slowly work your way around the board. Enjoy the erotic buildup and then get warmer! Feel the naughty thrill of trying to keep cool until the very end, even as the play gets progressively hotter. Described by players as "addictive" and "a beautiful well thought out board game", Monogamy is just what you need to shake things up with 390 different ideas and actions at three progressive levels: Intimate, Passionate, and Steamy.

How To Play Monogamy: Each player aims to go around the board six times becoming progressively more intimate – twice at the intimate pink level, twice at the passionate purple level and twice at the steamy red level. Every time you pass “GO” you should place a coloured ring on your counter in the following order – pink, pink, purple, purple, red and red. This will help you remember which level you are on.

You must also pick up a Fantasy card every time you pass “GO”. You can only ever hold two Fantasy Cards, so you must discard one after you pass “GO” for the third time and each time thereafter. The winner is the first to complete six rounds, two pink, two purple and two red. He/she can choose which of their two remaining Fantasy Cards to play by reading the card to their partner – that’s when the fantasy becomes reality. Take the phone off the hook, close the curtains, dim the lights and get ready for the steamiest evening you'll ever have...

The Monagamy Adult Board Game contains:

  • 1 488mm x 488mm Game Board
  • 100 "His" Cards
  • 100 "Her" Cards
  • 50 Fantasy Cards
  • Dice: 2 player's pieces and 12 level pieces
  • A set of easy reference rules

Monogamy Game Reviews:

"Marketed as the hottest game ever, this bestselling board game is truly steamy. The overall object of the game is to try new sensual, intimate activities together, as each player moves around the board and completes a series of fun and sexy tasks and prompts." -

Enhance your playtime with Creative Conceptions: Our innovative games encourage healthy communication and sexy couple's fun, while our sensual adult novelties allow you to explore your boundaries together in a safe way. Our sexual Health products are aimed at delivering sexual confidence so that everyone can reap the benefits of a happy and healthy sex life!

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Kirstin on Jan 21st 2022

    Not at all romantic. I threw away half of the cards because they were just gross - armpits? Feet? And fantasizing about other people I don't think so.

  • 5

    We had SO much fun playing this!

    Posted by Airforcewife on Feb 5th 2021

    I wanted to try a sex game for our 14th anniversary and settled on this one. So glad I did! My husband was totally surprised and we had an absolute blast. Before you play, I would recommend going through the cards and pulling out anything you're not into beforehand. Also, some of these cards really require planning ahead for your game night so you might want to stock up on some of the things it recommends like sex toys, flavored lubes, cocktails, lingerie, etc. Good luck making it to the end of the game!

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