You & Me - A Game of Love & Intimacy

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  • You & Me - A Game of Love & Intimacy
  • You & Me - A Game of Love & Intimacy
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What happens when Love meets SEX? Find out, with You & Me - A Game of Love & Intimacy!

This fun adults-only game is designed with over 90 innovative ideas, sexy suggestions and adventurous activities that will help bring you and your lover even closer together. 

Most importantly, You & Me helps bring back the play factor missing in so many relationships! Roll the dice to see who will enjoy the intimate attentions of their lover as they perform one of the many passionate pleasures prescribed by the cards.

The first player to earn 30 points wins the game. There is a little teasing twist to the rules – pleasure performing must continue for as long as the sand timer (included) takes to end the play.

The player performing the pleasure as prescribed on the Pleasure Card earns the points, while the other wins the exotic pleasure of being teased, nibbled, licked, kissed, gently bit, and spanked.

You won’t care who gets the points as you explore euphoric bliss together. The first one to reach 30, however, gets to celebrate by receiving a sexual pleasure of their choice from their lover to satisfaction – no timer needed!

The You & Me Game contains: 45 forfeit cards for each player ,4 'special' cards for each player ,One 'Joker' for each player ,1 die , and 1 sand timer.

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