OHNUT Intimate Wearable Bumper Set

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  • OHNUT Intimate Wearable Bumper Set
  • Prevent painful sex with our OHNUT Intimate Wearable Bumper Set
  • The OHNUT intimate bumper is worn at the base of the penis
  • The super soft OHNUT stretches to fit virtually ANY penis size
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Sex Doesn't Have To Hurt.

Pelvic pain during sex happens to a lot of women (over 30% of us!) for a multitude of reasons: Vaginismus, Endometriosis, Menopause, or quite simply when a penis is long enough to hit the cervix - OUCH. If you experience painful sex and feel like you have to "grin and bear it" or avoid sex altogether, you have a brand new option.

Introducing the OHNUT Intimate Wearable Bumper Set. Designed with renowned clinicians, OHNUT is a soft compressible buffer made from 4 rings, that can be used together or individually to adjust when penetration feels too deep, without sacrificing sensation. But OHNUT doesn't only create benefits for you - it also helps take the stress off of your partner. Instead of them worrying about "Am I going too deep?" or "Am I hurting her?", OHNUT lets them focus on the FUN. 

These 4 cushy-soft "bumper plates" are designed to feel just like skin. They're so so comfortable (like a gentle hug) that you and your partner will barely notice that they're there. Explore adding and removing rings at any time with any position, so that both you and your partner can focus on what matters most—each other :)

Great for ALL kinds of sex, OHNUT helps partners explore comfortable depths of penetration be that vaginal, anal, or oral. Sex doesn't always have to equal penetration, but if comfortable penetration is the goal, the OHNUT Intimate Wearable Bumper Set can transform your sex life. 

OHNUT is made of FDA approved body and skin-safe polymer blend that is BPA, phthalate, silicone, and latex-free. That means, lubing up your OHNUT is never a problem since it is designed to be enjoyed with ALL lubricants (water-based, oils and silicone.)

OHNUT Dimensions: OHNUT'S soft material stretches to 8 inches (20.3cm) in width. When all 4 rings are stacked together, Ohnut’s uncompressed height is 2 ¾” (7cm). Externally, each ring individually is 2" (5.08cm) wide and 1" (2.54cm) tall unstretched. Internally, the smallest opening unstretched is 3/4" (1.9cm).

Whats in the Box: OHNUT Comes complete with 4 soft, stackable rings, a travel pouch, and clever conversation starters

OHNUT Intimate Wearable Bumper set is 100% Body Safe

OHNUT Reviews:

"Dr. Steven Snyder, a New York City sex therapist and author, says the “really hot thing” among his patients right now is this stretchy ring, which he describes as less of a toy and more of a practical solution when you or your partner’s size is causing pain. " -  The Strategist

"Ohnut is a non-invasive, non-hormonal tool that straddles the line between the medical community and the sexual wellness community, designed to help couples connect with their bodies and each other without fear of pain." - Estrella Jaramillo, Forbes Magazine

"If you experience painful sex, you're not alone. Ohnut helps take care of all that, so you can enjoy yourself in comfort (which, ya know, is kinda the whole point)." - Women's Health Magazine, "47 Best Sex Toys For Couples In 2022"

OHNUT: INVENTED BY NECESSITY: "People are always hesitant to ask me why I created Ohnut. Because I needed it!..For over a decade I assumed that I was unrelatable in my experience of painful sex, and yet the moment that OHNUT became a vehicle for conversation, I couldn't believe how alone I wasn't." - Emily Sauer, OHNUT Founder & CEO

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4 Reviews

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    Posted by Lili on Jan 15th 2022

    I recommend this product 100%.

  • 5

    It's about time!!!!

    Posted by Miyah on Nov 22nd 2021

    This product is WONDERFUL. I have dyspareunia and have been waiting for something like this for years. I was worried that my husband wouldn't like it but he says it feels good for him. And now we are actually having sex so we are both soooo happy.

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    you need to carry more stock

    Posted by Lana on Jan 9th 2021

    You are always sold out I really want to get this for my sister who needs it when will you get it back

  • 5

    BUY IT!!

    Posted by Amara on Oct 27th 2020

    I have fibro which makes your sex life awful. My husband purchased this for me and I was completely turned off by the idea of using a weird device at first but we gave it a go. THANK GOD. It is almost silly how well this works for me and obviously my husband could not be happier about it. After experimentation we find that using 3 rings works best for us. I hope with time we can reduce that number. I am so grateful that something this simple can actually help me look forward to sex again and not run from it!

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